Chamber of Horrors Haunted House

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Fall River, WI

W1404 Heppe Rd, Fall River, WI 53932 (view map)
Phone: (920) 484-6099

Rated one of the best haunted houses in Wisconsin 2016

Cautiously enter into the Chamber of Horrors as it has new twists and turns. Patients are living inside and waiting for new subjects to enter. The good doctor is always looking for new test subjects. Some patients have escaped never to be seen again, but their tortured souls are still here. DO YOU HEAR THAT!, the voices, DO YOU SEE THEIR SHADOWS? Take a plunge into the Chamber of Horrors and hope to survive!

Zombie Hunt Paintball Experience

Come take a ride into our quarantined city ravaged with infected zombies and open fire with our paintball guns. It is a great opportunity to combine the love of paintball and Halloween together but without the return paintball fire. Come help destroy the diseased zombies, humanity is counting on you to shoot fast and shoot true! Don’t hesitate or you may become one of them.

2017 Schedule

Chamber of Horrors 2017 schedule

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Chamber of Horrors Haunted House Wisconsin haunted house review


  1. This haunt, sets the bar for what a haunted attraction should be. Great prices, amazing decor and good scares make this place one of my all time favorites! The attention to detail was amazing even the smells had me going mad! Not to mention you can shoot at zombies!!! Thumbs up to these guys for making a great haunt!!!

  2. This attraction had me scared when I walked on the property. Thunder Ridge Mansion was amazing! the LED light show on the facade was AWESOME and the actors, sets, and theming was well thought out! A MUST SEE

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