Dr. Scary’s Haunted House


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Delevan, WI

Phone: (920)568-4100
Website: www.drscaryshauntedhouse.com

Dr. Scary’s Haunted House Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, returns for its 7th year, once again re-designed and new rooms/scares added. Over 30 rooms of scares in the main haunt. More horror, more screams, more evil, more fear and more terror await those brave enough.

Your adventure starts by entering Dr. Scary’s Dungeons of Terror haunted house. The terror will start immediately. After the initial screams, frights and scares you will continue only to face more screams, evil and terror.

Next, PanDEMONium! This one has multiple paths that will test your resolve. More confusion, screams, frights and scares await you. Will you be able to make it through?? We don’t think so, that’s why there are 10 emergency exits!!!

Covered waiting area so come rain or shine.

Not recommended for Children.

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