6 Horror Movies That Were Filmed in Wisconsin

For those of us who have spent any significant amount of time in Wisconsin, it only makes sense to shoot a horror movie here.

Every once in a while this great weird state manages to attract the the attention of a film production. Here are six horror movies you may or may not have known were filmed right here in Wisconsin.

We must begin with…

The Giant Spider Invasion

The Giant Spider Invasion filmed in Merrill, WI
Heralded as the worst movie ever made, The Giant Spider Invasion begins when a meteorite crashes somewhere in rural Wisconsin and begins to spawn hordes of spiders through some kind of interdimensional gateway. The 1975 film stars Alan Hale, Jr. as Sheriff Jones. Hale is best known as The Skipper on Gilligan’s Island.

The invasion was filmed in Gleason, Merrill, and other Wisconsin locations and directed by the now-legendary Bill Rebane, a man who says he’s never been a fan of horror.

In 2013, the metal frame of the giant spider was stolen and scrapped from the field outside Merrill where it had sat rusting since the movie was filmed.

Buy The Giant Spider Invasion on Blu-Ray
Buy The Giant Spider Invasion on Blu-Ray

The Amityville Horror (2005)

The Silver Lake, WI house used for the 2005 Amityville Horror remake
While the real Amityville Horror house can be found in New York, the 2005 remake of the controversial movie was filmed using a house on Silver Lake Rd in Salem, WI. The production crew built a new facade onto the 1880 old world Victorian home to give it that iconic colonial gambrel.

The Amityville Horror 2005
The Amityville Horror

The Pit (1981)

1981 horror movie The Pit was filmed predominantly in Beaver Dam, WI
Though it was one of my personal favorites, my childhood was irreparably damaged by The Pit. I developed an unhealthy paranoia of stuffed animals. Holes in the ground obviously contained tra-la-logs who were trying to eat me. Until researching this post, however, I had no idea how close to home that movie really was.

The Pit was filmed almost entirely in Beaver Dam. Jamie’s house can still be found there, as well as his school, library and other locations. According to IMDb, though, the pit itself was in Waupun.

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Children of the Night (1991)

Children of the 1991 is a 1991 vampire movie filmed in Wisconsin
Children of the Night begins as any good horror movie should: Teenage girls stripping down to their underwear to go swimming. In an abandoned church crypt. Where, naturally, they awaken a sleeping vampire.

This Fangoria-produced flick was filmed in various locations around Wisconsin, including Crandon, Phelps, Rhinelander, Sugar Camp and Three Lakes.

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Children of the Night on DVD

American Movie (1999)

Wisconsin horror filmmaker Mark Borchardt in American Movie
American Movie is actually a documentary, but it makes the list because it follows aspiring Milwaukee filmmaker Mark Borchardt and his struggle to make his own independent horror film Coven. The result is a different kind of horror, guaranteed to make you second guess that potentially misguided dream you’ve been so desperately clinging to your entire life.

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American Movie on DVD

Witches’ Night (2007)

Witches' Night horror movie filmed in Wisconsin
Rarely do indie horror flicks live up to their hype, often suffering from bad acting, thin plots, lame gore effects and more. I haven’t seen Witches’ Night yet, but it seems to be surprisingly good if the reviews are to be trusted. Also, it stars Betsy Baker of Evil Dead fame.

According to the website, Witches’ Night was filmed at locations along the Wisconsin River, including Tower Hill State Park and the “Witches’ Cliff” at Ferry Bluff.

Buy Witches' Night on DVD
Witches’ Night on DVD

How many of these have you seen? What else belongs on this list? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. You forgot Troma’s film ‘BloodHook’.

  2. You forgot Ddamien: Omen II which, part of it, was filmed in Lake Geneva, WI

  3. You forgot

  4. also
    better off undead – oshkosh wi (2007)
    parts of Dead weight (2012)

    • Dead Weight was filmed entirely in Wisconsin. Mostly in and around Oshkosh (in Fisk and Pickett), but with a few short scenes in Fond du Lac, Neenah and Appleton.

  5. Damien: Omen II was partially filmed on Spider Lake, near Eagle River.

  6. Fever Lake filmed entirely in Kenosha County, WI (Twin Lakes)

  7. Aswang, a 1994 Sundance Film Festival selection that landed a distribution deal, was filmed in and around Milwaukee.

  8. S Truter June 16, 2018 Reply

    Damian Omen II filmed all the academy scenes at St Johns Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin

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