Milwaukee Paranormal Conference


October 19-21, 2018


Irish Cultural & Heritage Center
2133 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233


The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference returns this October for its 4th year of exploring Wisconsin’s strange and unusual. Friday 19 is a social event, conference all day Sat 20, Sun the 21st is an activity day.

Allison Jornlin, “Milwaukee Forteana Vol. IV.” As per our tradition since year 1, Allison kicks the conference off with a talk on various strange and spooky chapters of Milwaukee’s history.

Panel discussion: “The Chicago Mothman,” featuring Allison Jornlin (Milwaukee Ghosts- Tours and Investigations), Tobias Wayland (Singular Fortean Society), Sam Maranto (MUFON), moderated by conference director Tea Krulos. What is the mysterious winged hominid described as a “Mothman” or “Manbat” being spotted in Chicagoland (and Wisconsin!) Our panel of experts who have done fieldwork investigating weighs in.

Mutual UFO Network (WI/IL) presentation. Special guests from MUFON Wisconsin and Illinois discuss UFO sightings and research.

Milwaukee Krampus presentation. Milwaukee Krampusnacht is happening Dec. 5 and this presentation will lead you through what is going on this year. Special appearance by the Krampus pack!

Ursula Bielski, “Haunts of the Devil: Ghosts of H.H. Holmes, the Worlds Fair, and Victorian Chicago.” Chicago’s leading ghostlorist and prolific author Ursula Bielski leads this captivating talk about the notorious H.H. Holmes and other ghosts ahead of her book with the same title due out next year.

Tea Krulos, “My Haunted Baseball Card Collection.” Conference director Krulos leads you through his unusual baseball card collection of MLB players who have claimed they’ve encountered spirits at Milwaukee’s historic Pfister Hotel.

– Milwaukee Premiere of documentary The Bray Road Beast, featuring Q and A with filmmaker Seth Breedlove and author/ documentary subject Linda S. Godfrey.


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