Olin Park Haunted House

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Madison, WI

1156 Olin-Turville Ct, Madison, WI 53715 (view map)
Website: facebook.com/madison.h.house

On October 1st, while Frank, the school custodian, was taking out the trash, a little white rabbit snuck through the back door of the school and made its way to the teachers’ lounge. No one saw it enter the school, but the next day when Ms. Payne, the school nurse, went to get her morning coffee, she saw the cute little rabbit. The nurse decided to capture it and bring it to Prof. Edwards, the chemistry teacher and head of the science department. Prof. Edwards was more than happy to take the rabbit, as he had a spare animal cage. What Ms. Payne didn’t know was that Prof. Edwards was secretly experimenting on wild animals that had uncommon diseases and was trying to tame them. Prof. Edwards placed the rabbit in a cage before he left that night so he could begin testing the next day.

The following day, when Prof. Edwards arrived at his classroom, he noticed that all of his animals were missing and that the metal rabbit cage had been torn apart. What he didn’t know was that the cute little rabbit ate all the other animals in the room and grew ten times in size. The monstrous rabbit escaped to the cafeteria to find more food because he was still very hungry. Are you brave enough to enter the halls of Olin Park High?

Our haunted house is put on by a bunch of dedicated volunteers from the Madison Metro Jaycees and their cohorts. Our proceeds benefit The Road Home of Dane County. They help families transition out of homelessness.

2015 Schedule

October 7-10PM

On Halloween Matinee 10/31 3-6pm.

Family Friendly

We have a special Halloween Matinee on Halloween from 3-6pm. The lights will be on and you can bring children who won’t be afraid of the house with the lights on and get some great Halloween photos.

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Olin Park Haunted House Wisconsin haunted house review  

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