Spring Valley Scare #3 Fundraiser

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Spring Valley, WI

Spring Valley Event Center S126 McKay Ave Spring Valley, WI 54767 (view map)
Website: facebook.com/svscare

Our haunt is never the same! his year it will be a 2 level haunt, so yes there will be stairs. Even though we do have a “not so scary” time block you better believe that when 7pm rolls around all bets are off! You will be SCARED! You may be confused, touched, bumped or taken….yes, taken and locked up!

This Haunt is a Fundraiser put together by Volunteers to support Local Charities. Even though it is a Fundraiser don’t be fooled….we are very good at what we love to do and that is Scare People!
This year we are donating to 2 great causes!
The Spring Valley Community Cancer Fund and The Dunn County Humane Society

Prices are $7 at the Door and $5 in advance. Tickets can be purchased at the Event Center or at some of the local businesses.

Spring Valley Scare haunted house in Spring Valley, WI

2015 Schedule

Oct 16, 17,23 and 24
Kids Walk through 4pm-6pm
Haunt starts at 7pm ends at Midnight

Family Friendly

Kids (Non-scary) walk through is a Tour led by an adult with the lights on and no Actors.

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Spring Valley Scare #3 Fundraiser Wisconsin haunted house review

One Comment

  1. I’ve been there in the past and it was great fun.
    They also do a kids walk through which was fun for the kids they were really great with the kids and let them touch and play with the props as well as take pictures in some of the devices they use.
    I recommend it to all.

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