Possessed Child Calls 911 After Playing with a Ouija Board

A 9-year-old Green Bay girl reported she was possessed after playing with a Ouija board while her mother was asleep.

UFO Filmed Over Long Lake on June 23, 2018

Video shows a mysterious formation of flashing lights over the lake in Dundee.

The Dogman Phenomena with Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey and Lee Hampel discuss the bizarre results of their ongoing experiments on his property near Bray Road. There are a lot of strange things happening in Elkhorn.
UFO Daze at Bensons

Dundee UFOs: Alien Encounters and Benson’s UFO Headquarters in the Kettle Moraine

Explore Dundee's weird UFO history. Mysterious lights and alien activity have been sighted around this Wisconsin UFO hotspot for decades, maybe much longer.

Does the Edmund Fitzgerald Ghost Ship Still Sail Lake Superior?

The Edmund Fitzgerald lies beneath 530 feet of water, but Lake Superior never gives up her dead and some think this famous Great Lakes ghost ship still sails.
Rock Lake Pyramids in Lake Mills, WI

Rock Lake Pyramids: Is the Truth Really Down There?

The Rock Lake pyramids. A lake monster. A 1,000-year-old abandoned city where human sacrifice and cannibalism took place. No wonder they call it “Legendary Lake Mills.”
Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference returns this fall to explore Wisconsin's strange and unusual.
UFO Daze at Benson's

UFO Daze at Benson’s Hide-a-Way

Share your otherworldly encounters and maybe see lights in the sky over Dundee Mountain at Bill Benson's annual UFO Daze.

Dundee Area UFO Researcher Bill Benson Shares Strange Stories from Wisconsin

An interview with Bill Benson from his UFO headquarters in Dundee

Beast of Bray Road Photos: Wisconsin Werewolf Caught on Film Near Elkhorn?

Is this the Beast of Bray Road? Photos seem to show the legendary Elkhorn werewolf or Wisconsin dogman crossing the road on its hind legs.

Market of the Macabre

The creepy nocturnal bazaar returns for its second season to keep Milwaukee weird.