C97 Stratofrieghter plane at the Don Q Inn

Don Q Inn Plane

This Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter was retired from military service, starred in car commercials with Farah Fawcett, and came to rest on the lawn of the Don Q Inn.
House on the Rock

House on the Rock

The House on the Rock is a journey through one man's bizarre imagination, with the world's largest indoor carousel, the Infinity Room, a 200-foot whale and much more.
Dundee Mountain

What’s under Dundee Mountain?

The massive glacial formation in Dundee known as Dundee Mountain seems to be the source of UFO sightings and other bizarre, unexplained phenomena in the area.
Evergreen Inn Hotel in Manitowoc

Evergreen Inn Hotel

Legend says the old Evergreen Inn Hotel building in Manitowoc has seen many deaths over the years, and those spirits still wander the halls and their old rooms.
Lake Geneva Ghost Walk

Lake Geneva Ghost Walks

Explore ancient legends and haunted history on the Lake Geneva Ghost Walk, from the Handlebar Mustache Ghost of the Baker House to Jenny the lake monster.
Pioneers Rest Cemetery

Pioneers Rest Cemetery

Known as Bandli Graveyard, Pioneers Rest Cemetery in Rice Lake is the site of macabre legends including murder, Satanic rituals, and the ghost of a young girl.
Evil book in Whitewater

Evil Book in the UW-Whitewater Library

According to legend, an evil book that drives readers to insanity and suicide lurks behind lock and key in the basement of a Whitewater library.
Hamilton House haunted bed & breakfast in Whitewater, WI

Hamilton House

The historic Hamilton House in Whitewater may still be the home of Sarah Posey and her son, though they’ve been buried in Hillside Cemetery for 100 years.
Chocolate hodag at the Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe

Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe

Grab an elusive chocolate Hodag, some legendary Hodag poop, and more sweet cryptid confectionaries at Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe in Rhinelander.
USS Cobia haunted submarine in Manitowoc, WI

USS Cobia Haunted Submarine

The USS Cobia haunted submarine is permanently moored at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum, where tour guides have had ghostly encounters with a crewman killed in WWII.
Wisconsin Dells Haunted History Tour

Wisconsin Dells Haunted History Tour

The Wisconsin Dells Haunted History Tour will take you to a haunted cemetery and other dark corners of the Dells from the comfort of a Dells trolley.
Titanic Wisconsin connection at the Oshkosh Public Museum

Titanic: The Wisconsin Connection

Titanic: The Wisconsin Connection at the Oshkosh Public Museum reveals the story of Titanic's Wisconsin-bound passengers with 100 newly recovered artifacts.
Bray Road, home of the Beast of Bray Road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Bray Road

Home of the Beast of Bray Road, this road in Elkhorn has a fearful reputation for anyone unlucky enough to have encountered the notorious Wisconsin werewolf here.
Amityville Horror house wisconsin
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Amityville Horror House

The Amityville Horror house seen in the 2005 remake starring Ryan Reynolds was filmed in Wisconsin at this Victorian manor on the shore of Silver Lake.
Sputnik crash site in Manitowoc

Sputnik Crash Site

Visit the Sputnik crash site in Manitowoc, where a chunk of the Soviet satellite crashed into the street after breaking up in the atmosphere over Wisconsin in 1962.
Elmwood UFO sightings

Elmwood UFO Sightings Sign

The Elmwood UFO sign commemorates the location of several important UFO sightings that occurred in the 1970s.
Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes boat tour

Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes Boat Tour

Explore the tragedy and haunted history of the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes on this one-of-a-kind boat tour with Gothic Milwaukee.
Halloween pinball machine

Spooky Pinball Reveals New John Carpenter’s Halloween Pinball Machine

Wisconsin-based Spooky Pinball unveiled their latest creation, a Halloween pinball machine featuring Michael Myers.
The Hodag Store in Rhinelander, WI

The Hodag Store

The Hodag Store is your one stop shop for all your Hodag gear in Rhinelander, from plush hodags and t-shirts to hodag beer and beyond.