Moe Lutheran Church haunted church and cemetery in Clear Lake, WI

Moe Lutheran Church

Legend says that 30 people perished when Moe Lutheran Church burned down in the 1900s, and that ghosts from the cemetery across the street cause car accidents.
Polk County Poor Farm in Amery, WI

Polk County Poor Farm

The house originally built for the Polk County Poor Farm in Amery, WI is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young boy murdered there many years ago.
Amery haunted church

Amery Lutheran Church

Voices inside the walls and the bell ringing by itself have lead some parishioners to believe the Amery haunted church is occupied by a phantom congregation.
Grave of the Munchkin Coroner Meinhardt Raabe in Wisconsin

Grave of the Munchkin Coroner

The grave of Wisconsin native Meinhardt Raabe, who portrayed the Munchkin coroner in the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.
The first flag day was observed here in Waubeka, WI

Birthplace of Flag Day

It was here in the one-room Stony Hill School that the first Flag Day was observed in 1885. Today, Waubeka is known as the Birthplace of Flag Day.