Maribel Caves Hotel, also known as Hotel Hell in Maribel, WI

Maribel Caves Hotel Hell

The historic Maribel Caves Hotel, known as "Hotel Hell," may be one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin, complete with a Portal to Hell in the old well.
Old World Wisconsin Halloween Legends & Lore

Old World Wisconsin Halloween Legends & Lore

Step back in time at the Old World Wisconsin Halloween Legends & Lore event with spooky performances, eerie campfire tales, live music and warm treats.
Carrie: The Musical

Carrie: The Musical

See the bloody live performance of Carrie: The Musical this October presented by The Forst Inn Arts Collective and Scare USA.
Wisconsin Thriller 48 Drive-In Film Festival

Wisconsin Thriller 48 Drive-In Short Film Festival

Madison 48-Hour Film Project presents the Wisconsin Thriller 48 drive-in film festival with more than two dozen sci-fi and horror films by local filmmakers.
Wisconsin Tiktok user makes spooky DIY Halloween decor

Wisconsin Tiktok Creator Bone Hollow Makes Spooky DIY Halloween Decor

Wisconsin Tiktok creator makes DIY Halloween decorations like these man-eating plants for her haunted yard display Bone Hollow Cemetery in Appleton.
Old Glenbeulah haunted school

Old Glenbeulah School

Built in 1916, the old Glenbeulah School has been home to haunted phenomena for decades.