Curious, weird, and unusual Airbnb Wisconsin listings

Airbnb Wisconsin: 9 Curious, Quirky, and Unusual Stays

If you’re looking for an authentic Wisconsin getaway, you have to do it right – and that means embracing the unusual with these these amazing, bizarre, and unbelievable Airbnb Wisconsin listings. Sure, you can do the typical cabin in the woods, likely near some Wisconsin legend such as Goatman or a UFO base, or you can rent a lakeside cottage where some Wisconsin lake monster almost definitely resides.

But if you’re taking the deep dive into weird Wisconsin, why not do it from a teepee, or a barnyard  silo, or a castle, or a landlocked pirate ship? If you love strange architecture as much as we do, you have to check these places out.

Unusual Airbnb Wisconsin Vacation Rentals

Take a look at these curious Airbnb vacation rentals we found around Wisconsin, and let us know which one you’d be most likely to stay in!

1. Glamping silo in Helenville, WI

If you’ve ever fantasized about living in a silo and peeing in a milkhouse, your dreams have come true. This converted silo boasts 5 unique levels, including one with a 360 degree view of the farm and a cozy upper loft in the tower’s peak.

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2. Waterfront Bluff Cabin in Ellison Bay, WI

This uniquely designed cabin on a bluff overlooking Ellison Bay has one of the most amazing spaces you’ll ever find in a cabin in Wisconsin. The whole place has warm wood vibes and interesting angles, but then the living room opens up with these amazing views of the surrounding trees and even the water down below. Once the sun sets, the stargazing from here must be incredible. Plus there’s additional space for guests in the “Garage-Mahal.”

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3. Tiny house cabin in Fall Creek, WI

This tiny off-grid cabin in the woods is warm and cozy, with some serious Stanley Kubrick vibes. And that isn’t just because they used a Kubrick film in the photos. It’s a small space with big moods shaped by the straight lines and simple shapes of modern architecture and surreal lighting juxtaposed with the organic textures and wild surroundings.

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4. Luxury Castle in Cleveland, WI

If luxurious castle living in the Wisconsin countryside is your thing, check out Castle Vineyard. This place is insanely beautiful and full of amazing spaces. But if that doesn’t do it for you, maybe the piano on the ceiling will, or the WWII battleship door on the wine cellar, or the killer theater, or the golf simulator. Well, maybe not the golf simulator. The taxidermy sailfish, though, that alone makes it all worthwhile.

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5. Treehouse Cabin in Deerbrook, WI

At a height of 17 feet off the ground, this treehouse is the perfect escape into the Wisconsin woods to literally sleep among the trees. Complete with taxidermy and antler mounts, not to mention the Adirondack style railings, this Airbnb cabin really puts the “up” in up north.

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6. Teepee Camping in Waupaca, WI

You may not immediately associate “romantic glamping” with a teepee, but come on, this is Wisconsin, and there are few things more romantic than lounging around on animal skins in a teepee the way indigenous peoples did for hundreds of years.

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7. Dome Home in Holcombe, WI

Dome houses are rare, so it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to experience one in the wild. A style originally patented by Buckminster Fuller (inventor of the three-wheeled Dymaxion Car) in 1954, the geodesic Dome Home is a vacation into the vintage future, with killer panoramic views of Lake Holcombe in Northern Wisconsin.

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8. Pirate ship near Wisconsin Dells

So you’re looking for the perfect Airbnb in Wisconsin Dells. Nothing screams a Dells adventure more than the majestic “Passing Wind.” This pirate ship-shaped cabin is helmed by a skeleton captain, has a life-size Captain Morgan statue, large upper decks for swabbing or lounging, four bunk beds in the bow, and a carved wood pirate bed with skull in the captain’s quarters.

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9. 1941 WWII Douglas DC-3 Airliner in Deerbrook, WI

Spend the night in Lady Luck, a real military aircraft that’s been retrofit for maximum comfort. This unique stay served in WWII and flown by the United States Marines for military transport services between Guam, Midway, and Pearl Harbor. Now, you’ll enjoy heat, air conditioning, bathroom, shower, kitchen, deck, and a campfire alongside a private lake with dock.

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Next time you’re looking for an Airbnb in Wisconsin, consider one of these for a truly unique vacation experience.

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