Manitowoc’s ‘Dead & Breakfast’ Featured on Around the Corner with John McGivern

John McGivern examines a casket at Dead By Dawn

Manitowoc is home to a unique concentration of Wisconsin oddities. There’s maritime wonders like the USS Cobia haunted submarine from WWII, as well as the SS Badger, the “last coal-fired passenger steamship in operation in the United States.” In 1962, as the Soviet Sputnik IV spacecraft re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and broke up, a large piece crashed into the street. The event is commemorated with the annual Sputnikfest celebration.

Manitowoc is also the scene of some far more sinister happenings as the setting of the Stephen Avery case featured in Making a Murderer, and it may even be home to a…secret Satanic club?

Of course, John McGivern isn’t donning robes and worshiping the dark lord in the latest episode of Around the Corner showcasing the Manitowoc community. But he does check into the fantastically creepy Dead by Dawn Dead & Breakfast, where you’re guaranteed to have a nightmarish stay.

Watch the episode below. Dead by Dawn is featured around the 23 minute mark.

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