Dundee Area UFO Researcher Bill Benson Shares Strange Stories from Wisconsin

If you’re in the Kettle Moraine State Forest and you see something unusual in the sky, Bill Benson is the man you talk to. He’s been recording strange encounters and UFO sightings around Dundee and for decades, and holds an annual gathering of UFO enthusiasts from around the world called UFO Daze at his bar on the shore of Long Lake near Dundee Mountain called Benson’s Hide-a-Way.

In this podcast interview from Paranormal Files 13, Bill talks about the beginning of his interest in UFOs with a crop circle near his home in 1947, and a glowing object he saw in the sky later during his time serving in the Vietnam war. He also shares some of the bizarre reports he’s received over the years, including an object in a field frightening a farmer’s cows, how he came to acquire an alien in jar from Area 51, and a wolfman witnessed by two Sheboygan county sheriffs on separate occasions near Parnell Tower, which they described as looking exactly like the drawings of the Beast of Bray Road.

Listen to the interview:


The 30th annual UFO Daze will be held on July 21st, 2018 at Benson’s Hide-a-Way in Dundee.

Have you experienced anything strange near Dundee or the Kettle Moraine? Share your story in the comments below or contact us.

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