Scariest Wisconsin Haunted Houses

10 Terrifying Over-the-Top Wisconsin Haunted Houses to Check Out This Halloween

Explore Wisconsin's most terrifying haunted houses! Immerse in Hollywood-level scares, spooky games, and more this Halloween. Are you brave enough?
Things to do in Sheboygan

8 Unique, Creepy, and Quirky Things to do in Sheboygan

A whimsical garden. A burial mound. A terrifying haunted attraction with real ghosts. Unearth the unexpected today in Sheboygan.
Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

Horror of Ed Gein’s Cauldron Featured in The Haunted Museum

The chilling story of Ed Gein's cursed cauldron is featured in the new season of Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans and horror master Eli Roth's series The Haunted Museum.
How did the front door of the Psycho house end up in a funeral home in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Funeral Home with Norman Bates’ Front Door

How did the front door of the Psycho house end up in a Wisconsin funeral home where the real-life inspiration for Norman Bates committed his crimes? It's a cinematic twist only Hitchcock himself could write.
Ed Gein Psycho documentary

Lost Tapes of Ed Gein: 4 Chilling Details from Part 1

New documentary series The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein reveals some fascinating and disturbing details about the life and crimes of the Wisconsin serial killer.
The Griffin & Gargoyle in Lake Geneva

There’s a D&D-Themed Amusement Center Opening in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons, will soon be home to The Griffin & Gargoyle, an elaborate D&D-theme restaurant and amusement center.
Haunted History Halloween Events

5 Spooky Haunted History Events to do This Halloween

Victorian seances. Funerals. Ghosts and monsters! Experience dark and mysterious haunted history with these unique and spooky Halloween events around Wisconsin.
Mass grave containing the remains of Mary Hogan and other victims of Ed Gein

The Mass Grave of Ed Gein’s Unidentified Victims Has Been Found

For years, the location of the mass grave where the skin suit and other unidentifiable human remains found in Ed Gein's house has been unknown. Until now.
Ed Gein Psycho documentary

Psycho: Ed Gein Docuseries Coming to MGM+

Ed Gein documentary Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein tells the story of the Butcher of Plainfield with "new reveals" and never-before-heard recordings.
Wisconsin lake monsters

Wisconsin Lake Monsters: Myths, Legends, and Sightings

Explore the bizarre history of Wisconsin lake monsters, from the hissing terror of Rock Lake, the playful Bozho serpent of Lake Mendota, the tentacled Lovecraftian horror in Devil's Lake and more.
Strangest Wisconsin UFO cases

Wisconsin’s Strangest UFO Cases

From alien pancakes in Eagle River to a man killed by an flaying saucer in Elmwood, here are 6 of the strangest Wisconsin UFO cases ever reported.
Strangest Places in Wisconsin

3 Strange Wisconsin Places You Have to See to Believe

Visit these unbelievably strange Wisconsin destinations, including the House on the Rock, a haunted town, and the darkest place in the Dells.
Wisconsin Travel Guide

Explore the Dark Side of Wisconsin with Our New Travel Guide

Our new Wisconsin travel guide to the dark side has arrived! Includes weird Wisconsin Dells, UFO hotspots, the Ed Gein tour, and other bizarre must-see destinations. Download now!
Hundreds of Beavers

Watch the trailer for the Wisconsin-made film Hundreds of Beavers

Greatest Wisconsin film of all time? Watch the trailer for the bizarre and hilarious Wisconsin-made movie from Milwaukee filmmakers Mike Cheslik and Ryland Brickson Cole Tews.
Animator Owen Klatte working on his wood-carved stop motion animated film Of Wood

Milwaukee Animator Owen Klatte’s Wood-Carved Stop Motion Film

Milwaukee animator Owen Klatte spent four years in his basement carving this unique stop motion film out of a single piece of wood. Watch the trailer now.
Milwaukee Titanic victim Edward Gifford Crosby

Milwaukee Titanic Victim Captain Edward Gifford Crosby

Uncover the tragic fate of Edward Gifford Crosby, the Milwaukee steamship captain who perished in the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912.
Occult rituals to summon Wisconsin lake monsters

Did Occult Rituals Awaken Lovecraftian Monsters in Wisconsin?

Did bizarre occult rituals awaken lake monsters in Wisconsin? For some, the cosmic horrors of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos are alive and well in Wisconsin.
Romantic getaways in Wisconsin

3 Unique & Creepy Romantic Getaways in Wisconsin

Discover the most unique and unforgettable romantic getaways in Wisconsin, from a chivalrous medieval hotel room for couples to the Gothic romance of vampires.
UFOs filmed in the sky over Fredonia, WI on Dec. 1st, 2022

Amazed Witnesses Film UFOs Streaking Through the Night Sky in Wisconsin

Multiple witnesses captured videos of UFOs streaking through the sky over rural Wisconsin, from Green Bay to West Bend and Milwaukee over two nights.
Wisconsin Haunted Holiday Fireplace

Wisconsin Haunted Christmas Fireplace

Cozy up beside the Christmas fireplace of a haunted Wisconsin farmhouse and relax to the sounds of a crackling fire, howling wind and restless spirits.
Linda Godfrey, Wisconsin cryptozoology researcher and author

Beast of Bray Road Author Linda Godfrey Has Passed Away

Wisconsin author Linda Godfrey, who uncovered the story of the Beast of Bray Road in the early 90s, leaves behind an inspiring legacy of folklore research.
Christmas getaways in Wisconsin

5 Creepy Christmas Getaways in Wisconsin

Experience these unique Christmas getaways in Wisconsin for haunted holiday encounters you won't forget in Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dells and more.
Things to do in Wisconsin for Christmas

6 Unusual Things to do in Wisconsin for Christmas

Find unusual things to do in Wisconsin for Christmas! From Krampus to Christmas Card Town, don't miss these quirky and unforgettable holiday experiences.
Ed Gein Demon Hunter comic book

Ed Gein: Demon Hunter

In the comic book miniseries Ed Gein: Demon Hunter, the Plainfield ghoul is brought back to life by Satan to capture a rogue demon hiding out in his hometown.
Is my house haunted?

Is Your House Haunted? 10 Signs You May Be Living With Ghosts

Are you living in a haunted house? Wisconsin ghost hunter and Tiktoker Brandon Kramer details the signs that your house may be haunted.
Peter Kurten at Ripley's Believe It or Not Wisconsin Dells

6 Spooky Things to Do in Wisconsin Dells

Haunted pubs, ghost walks, a severed head, and more haunts and haunted attractions make this list of the best spooky things to do in Wisconsin Dells.
The Great Peshtigo Fire in Wisconsin

Peshtigo Fire: 6 Curious & Bizarre Facts from Wisconsin’s Forgotten Fire

UFOs, demons, spontaneous human combustion, and divine intervention. Bizarre facts and mysterious phenomena from the deadliest fire in American history.
Is the downtown West Bend theater haunted by the manager who died in the lobby?

Historic West Bend theater haunted by manager who died on the job

Is the West Bend theater haunted? If the stories are true, the ghosts of a Vaudevillian performer and a manager who died on the job may still linger in the historic building.
Unsolved Mysteries Tallman House episode about a haunted bunk bed in Horicon, WI

Watch: Unsolved Mysteries Tallman House Episode

The Unsolved Mysteries Tallman House episode tells the true story of a haunted bunk bed in Horicon, WI that tormented the Tallman family for months.
Most haunted cemetery in Wisconsin

VIDEO: Is THIS the MOST HAUNTED cemetery in Wisconsin?

Explore what may be the most haunted cemetery in Wisconsin in the first episode of our new spooky travel video series about Wisconsin's legendary places.
Haunted hotel for sale in Humbird, WI

Haunted Hotel for Sale in Wisconsin, Ghosts Included

If you're looking to get into the haunted hotel business, this spooky historic bar with 6 hotel rooms in Humbird, WI includes everything you need to get started - even the ghosts.
The mysteries of Holy Hill haunted history

Mysteries of Holy Hill

Miracles, mysteries, and a murderous hermit. The history of Holy Hill is equally as strange as the haunted cemetery, goatman legends, and bearwolf sightings that surround it.
Wisconsin Tiktok user makes spooky DIY Halloween decor

Wisconsin Tiktok Creator Bone Hollow Makes Spooky DIY Halloween Decor

Wisconsin Tiktok creator makes DIY Halloween decorations like these man-eating plants for her haunted yard display Bone Hollow Cemetery in Appleton.
UFO landing in Mellen, WI is 1975

1975 UFO Landing in Mellen, WI

The strange case of the UFO landing in Mellen, WI is featured in an early episode of the series In Search of... hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Watch the full episode.
Curious, weird, and unusual Airbnb Wisconsin listings

Airbnb Wisconsin: 8 Curious, Quirky, and Unusual Stays

Experience a unique Airbnb Wisconsin adventure at one of these unusual stays, from a luxurious barnyard silo to a castle to a pirate ship in the woods.
Cemetery symbolism

Cemetery Symbolism

Explore the meanings of gravestone symbols found on old headstones in Fond du Lac's historic (and haunted) Rienzi Cemetery.
Dark sky parks in Wisconsin

Visit the darkest place in Wisconsin

Visit the only officially designated Dark Sky Park in Wisconsin for the best stargazing in the state.
Creepy Wisconsin podcasts about true crime, weird history and the paranormal

8 Wisconsin podcasts to creep you out on your next haunted road trip

Check out these creepy Wisconsin podcasts to discover bizarre tales of true crime, dark history, and the paranormal from our great weird state.
An encounter with a tall, white wendigo like figure at a Wisconsin summer camp

Tall White Figure Encountered Near Camp Wakonda in Oxford, WI

Two employees have an encounter with a tall, white figure in the woods at night near the Camp Wakonda youth summer camp in Oxford, Wisconsin.
Holy Hill Art Farm ghost caught on camera in Wisconsin

Creepy Figure Caught on Trail Cam Near Holy Hill

An eerie image appearing to a show a ghost captured on film at the idyllic Holy Hill Art Farm hints that the site may be home to some lingering spirits.
Rock Lake Icehenge

Rock Lake Icehenge

How a Stonehenge made of ice, or "Icehenge," appeared one winter on Rock Lake, the area known for lake monsters and underwater pyramids in Lake Mills, WI.
Vintage photo of men and horses harvesting ice on the Milwaukee River

The Milwaukee Ice War of 1900-1901

A rivalry between two Wisconsin ice harvesting companies culminated in the Ice War between an ice-breaking boat and the icemen on the frozen Milwaukee River.
The Minnesota Iceman was really a Wisconsin Bigfoot

How a Wisconsin Bigfoot Became the Minnesota Iceman

The Minnesota Iceman was a popular exhibit that toured the country in the 60s and 70s. But it wasn't the Missing Link. It was just a Wisconsin Bigfoot.
What is a hodag? Explore the legend of Wisconsin's weird cryptid

What is a hodag?

You may have heard of the horned green monster of Rhinelander, but what exactly is a hodag? Explore the legends and sightings of this weird North Woods cryptid.
The most unique, unusual, and strange houses in Wisconsin

Most Unusual Houses in Wisconsin

Explore a landlocked boat house in Milwaukee. Or a mushroom-shaped house built into a sand dune in Door County. Peek inside the most unique, unusual, and downright weirdest houses in Wisconsin.
Watch the trailer for Blood Beat, a 1984 Christmas horror slasher filmed in Wisconsin

Blood Beat is a Weird 1980s Christmas Horror Filmed in Wisconsin

This weird as hell 1980s Christmas horror movie about a samurai ghost and a girl with psychokinetic powers is set - and was filmed in - rural Wisconsin.
Does the Christmas Tree Ship still sail Lake Michigan on Christmas Eve?

The Ghost of the Christmas Tree Ship

The legendary Christmas Tree Ship sank into Lake Michigan over 100 years ago, but that doesn't stop her ghostly crew from trying to finish their final voyage.
Where to see Santa in Wisconsin this Christmas
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Where to See Santa in Wisconsin

If you’re wondering where to see Santa in Wisconsin this Christmas, forget the mall! These unique, if not strange, holiday experiences are one of a kind.
Wisconsin UFO bar owner Bill Benson

UFO Daze Founder Bill Benson Has Passed Away

Wisconsin legend Bill Benson, owner of the UFO-themed bar Benson's Hide-A-Way and founder of the world-famous UFO Daze, has passed away.
Grave of Nellie Horan and family in Whitewater

A Historical Murder Mystery in Whitewater

Though she was acquitted, evidence suggests Nellie Horan poisoned and murdered her family with strychnine over the period of two years in the late 1880s.