Wisconsin Frights Blog

The great weird state of Wisconsin is full of high strangeness, from our cannibal killers to our eccentric roadside attractions, and all the ghosts in between. The Wisconsin Frights blog explores the dark nooks and crannies of these legends and lore, while keeping up with the latest Halloween, haunted house, and horror news from the backwoods.

Watch Zombie Puppets Sing Christmas Carols at Milwaukee Krampusnacht

Stars of the Night of the Living Dead puppet show go Christmas caroling at Milwaukee’s annual Krampus night.

Jack White and The Raconteurs at House on the Rock

Watch The Raconteurs new music video for “Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)” which was filmed entirely at the Wisconsin’s bizarre House on the Rock.

A Wendigo Encounter in Manitowoc County?

A hunter shares his recent frightening encounter with a large unknown creature in Nipissing Swamp State Natural Area near Two Rivers.

Exploring the Giant Spider Invasion Church

Backpack Buddies explore an abandoned church in Wisconsin with connections to a famous B horror film from the 1970s.

Monsters in Print Explores Vintage Accounts of Strange Creatures

A fascinating compilation of encounters with strange creatures as reported in the newspapers of the 1800s and 1900s.

Rare 8mm Footage of Ed Gein’s House After the Fire in 1958

A vintage home film of Ed Gein’s property when it was auctioned after his arrest and the burned remains of his house in 1958.

Spooky Happenings on the Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk

Searching for ghosts in the darker corners of West Bend history with local author J. Nathan Couch.

2019 Wisconsin Halloween Activity Guide

Your guide to weird and creepy things to do in Wisconsin this Fall, from ghost walks and haunted cemetery tours to the state’s largest Halloween festival.

Elmwood UFO Days on CBS News 1988

Dan Rather showcases the out-of-this-world festivities at Elmwood’s annual UFO Days celebration and plans for a $50 million UFO landing site.

Wisconsin Wendigo Sightings Featured on In Search of Monsters

Terrifying wendigo encounters from around the state.

Phantom in the Attic

The latest episode of the Lore podcast tells the story of a Milwaukee phantom that ended in murder in LA.

UFO Doc “The Dundee Project” Lands on DVD and Digital

Mark Borchardt’s latest film examines the curious attendees of a UFO gathering in a small Wisconsin town.

Lake Michigan Mothman Sightings: What’s Flying in the Skies Over Chicago?

Paranormal researcher Tobias Wayland discusses reports of a large winged creature witnessed around the shores of Lake Michigan.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors with the Holy Hill Skeletons 2018 Display

The skeletons are hunting, fishing, and camping in this year’s annual Halloween display near Holy Hill.

American Gods Season 2 Teaser Features House on the Rock

Wednesday and Shadow arrive at the House on the Rock in the new teaser for season 2 of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Hot Rods, Ghouls, and Halloween Fun at Windigo Fest 2018

Windigo Fest’s second year was bigger and spookier in every way, despite Christian group’s prayers against it.

The Bray Road Beast is a Chilling Look at Wisconsin’s Legendary Werewolf

This documentary cracks open Wisconsin’s bizarre werewolf file to reveal the startlingly dark origins of the beast that stalks Bray Road.

Halloween Mold-A-Ramas at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Frankensteins, skulls, and other spooky Mold-A-Ramas have been unleashed at the zoo for the Halloween season.

England’s Notorious “Man They Could Not Hang” Died Secretly in Milwaukee

After three failed execution attempts, English murderer John “Babbacombe” Lee secretly lived out the rest of his life in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin’s Favorite Halloween Candy Revealed

Map reveals the favorite Halloween candy in each state.

Gags the Clown Returns to Green Bay for Wisconsin Premiere of Feature Horror Film

Gags the Clown returns to terrorize Green Bay in his feature-length big screen debut this October.

The Wisconsin Flying Saucer that Changed UFO Research Forever

After a 1934 encounter, Coral Lorenzen’s interest in flying saucers lead her to start APRO, the first UFO research organization.

Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Wisconsin 2018

Looking for frights this Halloween? These top rated Wisconsin haunted houses are sure to give you chills and thrills this October!

Massive Flying Saucer Witnessed in Sturgeon Bay in 1952

Was it a UFO or a misidentified weather balloon that Door County residents saw that day?

Ed Gein Birthday Card

The perfect birthday card for that special person who already has one of everybody.

It’s Officially Pumpkin Pie Taco Season

This diner in Middleton is serving up pumpkin pie in a unique way this fall.

Wisconsin Horror: Slice to Meat You

Pizza delivery goes horribly wrong in this short horror film created by Mad Cow Productions for the 2018 Madison 48 Hour Film Project.

Eerie Wisconsin Story Featured in 1989 Mysteries of the Unknown Commercial

A Wisconsin woman has a bad feeling that proves to be true in this ad for Time-Life’s iconic paranormal book series.

6-Foot Bronze Statue Stolen from Forest Home Cemetery

Milwaukee police are asking for the public’s help to locate the missing angel.

Watch this Insane Trailer for Green Bay’s Terror on the Fox Haunted House

Take a ride into terror in the new video from Terror on the Fox for the 2018 Halloween season.

Wisconsin Speakers at the 2018 Mothman Festival

Some of Wisconsin’s top paranormal researchers will be guest speakers at this year’s Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV.

Bray Road Beast Director Seth Breedlove Talks Small Town Monsters

Filmmaker Seth Breedlove discusses his latest film on Wisconsin’s own Beast of Bray Road legend.

Windigo Sighting in Manitowoc

A windigo sighting in Manitowoc can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming and Windigo Fest is lurking right around the corner.

An American Werewolf in Wisconsin

Watch the latest trailer for the upcoming documentary about Wisconsin’s legendary Beast of Bray Road.

Does the Beast of Bray Road Have Occult Origins?

A Beast of Bray Road witness discusses the possible Satanic origins of the beast in this clip from the upcoming documentary.

Marcus Theatres Won’t Show Slender Man Movie In Waukesha or Milwaukee Counties

The theater chain won’t show the movie out of respect for those impacted by the 2014 stabbing case.

Beast of Bray Road Featured on Inside Edition in 1990

Wisconsin’s notorious werewolf in Elkhorn got national media attention when Inside Edition investigated the claims in 1990.

A Curious Collection of Roadside Oddities in Oshkosh

A surreal sculpture garden of defunct roadside attractions and other unusual objects.

“Lunar Meteorite” For Sale in Eau Claire

A Craigslist user is offering up a rock for sale that is “undeniably” a lunar meteorite.

Neil Gaiman Announces Season 2 of American Gods from the House on the Rock

A short video clip gives a glimpse behind the scenes of American Gods filming at the bizarre Wisconsin attraction.

Searching for Aliens at the 30th Annual UFO Daze

Visiting a local UFO hotspot during the annual gathering of tin foil hat enthusiasts.

U.S. Forest Service Addresses Sasquatch Warning Signs

The U.S. Forest Service issued a statement regarding posters warning of sasquatch activity in national parks.

Dark Tourist: Cream City Cannibal Tour Featured on Netflix Series

The Jeffrey Dahmer tour in Milwaukee is featured in a new Netflix series about dark tourism.

Presidential Assassin Charles Guiteau Grew Up in Wisconsin’s Lost Ghost Town

Ulao may be almost entirely forgotten, but history will not forget the ghost town’s most deranged resident.

Happy World UFO Day

Marking the anniversary of the Roswell crash with a look at Wisconsin’s own mysterious UFO hotspot.

Possessed Child Calls 911 After Playing with a Ouija Board

A 9-year-old Green Bay girl reported she was possessed after playing with a Ouija board while her mother was asleep.

UFO Filmed Over Long Lake on June 23, 2018

Video shows a mysterious formation of flashing lights over the lake in Dundee.

The Dogman Phenomena with Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey and Lee Hampel discuss the bizarre results of their ongoing experiments on his property near Bray Road. There are a lot of strange things happening in Elkhorn.

Dundee UFOs: A History of Strange Sightings Around Long Lake and Dundee Mountain

Explore Dundee’s weird UFO history. Mysterious lights and alien activity have been sighted around this Wisconsin UFO hotspot for decades, maybe much longer.

Is the Ghost of the Edmund Fitzgerald Still Sailing Lake Superior?

Lake Superior never gives up her dead, which may be why this wrecked ship is still seen today.