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The great weird state of Wisconsin is full of high strangeness, from our cannibal killers to our eccentric roadside attractions, and all the ghosts in between. The Wisconsin Frights blog explores the dark nooks and crannies of these legends and lore, while keeping up with the latest Halloween, haunted house, and horror news from the backwoods.

Exploring the Underwater Pyramids and Structures of Rock Lake

Mary Sutherland and her team are mapping the bottom of Rock Lake in search of underwater pyramids, Rocky the lake monster, and other mysterious anomalies reported by locals.

Dundee Area UFO Researcher Bill Benson Shares Strange Stories from Wisconsin

An interview with Bill Benson from his UFO headquarters in Dundee

Beast of Bray Road: First Look at the Upcoming Documentary

Small Town Monsters unleashes the first trailer for a new film documenting one of Wisconsin’s most bizarre and harrowing legends.

Beast of Bray Road Photos: Was a Werewolf Caught on Film Near Elkhorn?

Is this the Beast of Bray Road? Photos seem to show the legendary Elkhorn werewolf or Wisconsin dogman crossing the road on its hind legs.

Expedition: Tracking Down the Insane Asylum Cemetery in Oshkosh

Hundreds of unmarked graves can be found in the woods near Asylum Point.

Goatman and Other Wisconsin Mysteries in This Month’s Milwaukee Magazine

Learn the terrifying true story of a local goatman encounter, as well as other bizarre Wisconsin mysteries and legends.

See Metal Mom and Her Viking Float in the Stoughton Parade

Metal Mom and her black Viking ship float will be part of Stoughton’s annual Syttende Mai parade on May 20th.

Get Better EVP Recordings: Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee Show You How

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee have launched launched a new web series called Paranormal 101. In the first episode, Noah and […]

Manitowoc’s ‘Dead & Breakfast’ Featured on Around the Corner with John McGivern

John McGivern examines a casket at Dead By Dawn Manitowoc is home to a unique concentration of Wisconsin oddities. There’s […]

Watch This Documentary About Milwaukee’s DIY Punk Rock Circus

Short film explores the origins of Dead Man’s Carnival from train hopping and street performing to the stage of The Miramar Theater.

The Eerie Legends of Three Haunted Cemeteries in Wisconsin

From exhumed graves and axe murders to the haunted triangle of “Second Salem,” these legends (and spirits) will never rest.

Windigo Fest Welcomes Satan into Manitowoc, Local Woman Claims

As if there weren’t enough reasons to go to Windigo Fest Oct. 6-7, a local business owner claims it’s actually going to summon Satan!

Terror on the Fox Haunts Cover of New Coffee Table Book

A new coffee table book by Misty Keasler features photos of haunted houses from around the US.

Wisconsin Frights Halloween Giveaway

Enter to win a box of ghoulish goodies from Wisconsin Frights!

10 Best Haunted Houses in Wisconsin 2017

The scariest haunted houses in Wisconsin ranked so you can find the most scream for your money this Halloween.

3 Terrifying Movies Based on Real Wisconsin Horrors

From serial killers and cannibals to disturbing cases of demonic possession, Wisconsin has no shortage of monsters, ghosts, and real life boogeymen.

Crossing Over With the Annual Holy Hill Skeletons Halloween Display

The elaborate display includes the stairway to Heaven, highway to Hell, and a Rainbow bridge full of bony companions.

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Peter Kurten’s Head in Wisconsin Dells

The mummified head of deranged murderer Peter Kurten can be found at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Wisconsin.

Castle for Sale in Beaver Dam

Prepper-built fortress complete with secret rooms and passages, dungeon, and doomsday bunker for survival.

Haunted Wisconsin Book Roundup

The best books on Wisconsin’s haunted history, strange places, bizarre creatures, gruesome legends, and more.

Divers Make Dangerous First Descent to the Wreck of the Senator

The ship sank in Lake Michigan on a foggy Halloween morning off the coast of Port Washington almost 100 years ago.

Wisconsin Horror: Coven (1997)

Watch the short horror film by Milwaukee filmmaker Mark Borchardt that was made famous by the award-winning documentary American Movie.

Documentary Spotlights Alien Encounters and UFO Daze in Dundee

New film from Mark Borchardt focuses on the Dundee UFO festival and alien encounters on the shores of Long Lake.

Controversy Over ‘Cemetery Cinema’ in Wausau’s Restlawn Memorial Park

Watch Ghostbusters in a cemetery this August in Wausau.

Wisconsin Horror: The Pit (1981)

One of the weirdest horror movies of the 1980s was filmed almost entirely in Beaver Dam.

Watch the Creepy New Trailer for My Friend Dahmer

Based on the graphic novel by Derf about his high school friendship with Wisconsin cannibal and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Ratbatspider Song ‘Hogsback Road’ Featured in Goatman Slasher Flick

Milwaukee horror punk band will have a song about the legend of Hogsback Road in the upcoming short horror film Goatman.

Remembering the Haunted Attractions of Wisconsin Dells Past

These haunts may have given up the ghost, but they will forever torment the memories of our childhood vacations to the Dells.

100-Year-Old Church in Gleason Vandalized with Satanic Graffiti

Vandals paint pentagram inside the historic first Estonian church in Gleason, Wisconsin.

Listen: Short Horror Stories by Wisconsin Authors

Five short horror stories by Wisconsin authors featured on the Weird Darkness podcast.

Target Unveils 2017 Halloween Nocturne Collection

Get ready to kiss your paycheck goodbye.

Horrific 2017 Halloween Offerings from Distortions Unlimited

This video showcases horrific highlights from the 2017 Distortions Unlimited Halloween prop catalogue in action.

Watch the new Red Band Leatherface Trailer

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre begins in the bloody new red band trailer for Leatherface.

Wisconsin Showgirl Nina Pierson and the Ziegfeld Curse

Were the glamorous showgirls of the Ziegfeld Follies cursed?

Milwaukee’s Haunted Bar to be Featured in New Netflix Series

The spirits in Shaker’s Cigar Bar are so restless the pub is being featured in an upcoming Netflix series about haunted places.

Slaughter Farms: Help Fund a New Wisconsin Haunted House that’s Sure to Become a Legend

New haunt is raising money for a 2018 launch in exchange for free tickets opening season.

This Real Wisconsin Case of Demonic Possession Inspired The Exorcist

In 1928 a Wisconsin friar participated in an extreme case of demonic possession and exorcism that inspired The Exorcist.

Top Rated Haunted Houses in Wisconsin 2016

Looking for a scream this Halloween? These are the scariest, top-rated haunted houses in Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Horror Film Now Available to Watch Free on Amazon

Watch this brutal Wisconsin-made horror flick for free now on Amazon.

Catch the Wisconsin Paranormal Panel at Wizard World Comic Con in Madison

Catch the Wisconsin Paranormal panel at the upcoming Wizard World Comic Con in Madison for tales of Wisconsin’s real-life X-Files.

Check out Milwaukee’s first ever Friday the 13th Fest | May 13, 2016

A killer show featuring bands, belly dancing, burlesque and sideshow performances to benefit the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.

Meet the Man Behind the Annual Holy Hill Skeleton Display

Undead Packers and Vikings go head to head in this year’s annual skeleton Halloween display by mastermind Jimmy Zamzow.

Grave Digger Candles

All-natural beeswax human spine candles handmade in Wisconsin.

The Nightmare Collection: Monstrous New Masks by Mario Chiodo

The Nightmare Collection from BuyCostumes.com features 14 gruesome new Hollywood-quality monster masks by master sculpture Mario Chiodo.

10 Scariest Haunted Houses in Wisconsin

Looking for the scariest haunted houses in Wisconsin?

The Giant Spider Invasion 40th Anniversary

Wisconsin-made low budget horror film The Giant Spider Invasion has become legendary as the best worst movie ever made.

Wisconsin Frights Halloween Teaser Video

Thinking about Halloween yet? Maybe this promo teaser video for Wisconsin Frights will help get you in the haunting mood!

Crawl Space: Screamin’ Acres New 2015 Attraction

If crawling through dark, tight subterranean spaces while being chased by ghouls sounds like a good time, don’t miss Screamin’ Acres new Crawl Space attraction for 2015!

Ghost Boat Opens in Wisconsin Dells Memorial Day Weekend

Wisconsin Dells ghost boat ride into haunted canyon opens Memorial Day weekend.