Neenah, WI

500 N Lake St Neenah, WI 54956 (Get directions)

Wisconsin’s Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex houses three large, full-size Wisconsin haunted houses for Halloween entertainment. Located off of Hwy 41 in the Fox Valley (Appleton, WI), just 30 minutes south of Green Bay, WI or 20 minutes north of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We are an hour and a half from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Madison, WI and less than 3 hours from Chicago, IL.

We’re located just 5 minutes south of the Fox River Mall in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Adrenaline Haunted House

Adrenaline Haunted House at the Burial Chamber haunted house in Neenah, WI
Adrenaline’s theme is Industrial / Military: UNDER ZOMBIE ATTACK–where your senses will be assaulted on many levels. Adrenaline Haunted House is a huge old-school in-your-face haunted house. Pitch black sections, mazes, loud noises, strobes, water, and people coming from all angles with a wide array of sounds–you name it, Adrenaline has it. We WILL get your heart racing and is guaranteed to scare the crap out of you.

Insanity Haunted House

Insanity Haunted House at the Burial Chamber haunted house complex in Neenah, WI
Insanity Haunted House, affectionately called “A Haunted House on Crack”, will scare you mentally as well as physically. Crazy characters, interactive sounds, unusual environments, misdirection, as well as visual and mental sets force you to be part of the scenes. Step through the door and be prepared to enter the realm of the crazy people. Insanity is no ordinary haunted house– it’s a blend of fun house meets haunted house. With it’s unique props, unusual scenes, spinning and crooked rooms, and interactive atmosphere, it’s an experience that will definitely raise your blood pressure and have you come out entertained.

Phobia Haunted Woods

Phobia Haunted Woods at the Burial Chamber haunted house in Neenah, WI
Phobia Haunted Woods is a wooded trail that makes you to feel like you are part of a horror movie set in the woods. The natural fully wooded sets feature a combination of natural and physical environments that force you to be part of the show. The use of audible and visual interaction with our guests makes you constantly wonder who’s watching you, where they are and are you really safe? People come from all angles to attack your senses and make it impossible to expect what lies ahead. The characters center on their prey and in this haunted house, that prey is you. Expect to see a wide variety of characters–and prepare to be hunted!

“The LAST Ride” Burial Simulators

The Last Ride burial simulators at the Burial Chamber haunted house in Neenah, WI
Ever been in a real coffin before? Experience a simulated burial and get buried alive! This ride allows you to lay in a REAL used coffin and feel what it would be like to be buried. If your claustrophobic, now is time to test your bravery.

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