The Nightmare Collection: Monstrous New Masks by Mario Chiodo

Last month, Wisconsin-based unveiled some terrifying new creations called The Nightmare Collection. These 14 deranged, highly-detailed and movie quality horrors were made exclusively for by master sculptor Mario Chiodo.

The Nightmare Collection features one-of-a-kind, acutely detailed, movie-quality costumes. Sculpted from natural rubber latex and other high-quality materials, each character is individually painted by hand, resulting in unique pieces of functional, wearable art.

Many of the masks are oversized, giving the wearer added height and girth for maximum impact, including the Snarling Werewolf which measures approx. 32” high and 28” wide (mask only). They are also crafted with unique features such as, in the case of the werewolf, dreadlocks, glistening teeth and spiraled horns.

Several of the masks, including each of the three dragons and the Mammoth Chomping Spider, feature moving parts to transform their wearers into the monstrous creatures.

The Nightmare Collection

Amphibious alien halloween costume

Chomping spider halloween costume

Demon knight halloween costume

Post-apocalyptic warrior halloween costume

Snarling werewolf halloween costume

Steampunk Frankenstein halloween costume

See more, shop now: The Nightmare Collection

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