An encounter with a tall, white wendigo like figure at a Wisconsin summer camp

Tall White Figure Encountered Near Camp Wakonda in Oxford, WI

Have you ever seen something in the woods you can’t explain? One Wisconsin resident definitely did. While working at Camp Wakonda in Oxford, WI, Josh Ronalds and his then-girlfriend had a brief but bizarre encounter with a tall, blurry white figure while walking through the woods near the camp.

He shared his story on the Q&A website Quora as an answer to the question, “As a hunter, have you ever seen something in the woods that you just can’t explain?”

“Well, I wasn’t hunting, but I was out walking the woods at an ungodly hour of the morning,” Josh replied. “I believe it was around 0100–0200 in the morning.”

Josh wrote that he and his girlfriend were out for a walk after the day’s work at the youth camp. They were walking a trail near a tunnel beneath the highway that connected both sides of the camp when they noticed movement in the field near the tunnel.

Josh observed what appeared to be gray shapes in the field and brought them to his girlfriend’s attention.

“I assumed that they were deer, and pointed them out to her,” Josh wrote. “We continued our walk past the tunnel. Just as we passed the entrance to the tunnel, maybe by about 20 yards, we heard the most horrendous screeching. It sounded as if someone was being strangled.”

Josh wrote that on previous nights, they had been startled by a fox barking, but they learned to recognize that sound, and even saw the fox a few times. This sound was different, but they shrugged it off and continued down the road.

“All of a sudden I had a weird feeling and turned about to see a tall figure standing in the road,” Josh said. “It was dressed in white and all hazy. I wondered if I was a little too tired and was seeing things so I poked my girlfriend and asked her to take a look behind us. She immediately noticed it too.”

Josh described a bizarre inability to focus their eyes on the figure.

“Something we both noted was that our eyes kept sliding off the figure, we couldn’t keep our vision centered on it. I was thinking this, she voiced it without me saying anything.”

Josh said he then pulled his hunting knife from its sheath, but had the feeling it wouldn’t do him any good. He decided instead that they should just get away as quickly as possible.

“Without looking away from the thing, I said, ‘Let’s go, now.’”

They backed away from the figure, then turned and ran all the way back to the camp.

“When I got back inside the cabin, the guy in the bunk next to me was still up texting his girlfriend,” Josh wrote. “I quickly told him what I had seen. He looked at me and said, ‘That’s why I don’t go out at night.’”

Josh said he never went back out in those woods at night again, and still gets a nervous feeling when thinking or talking about it. And for the inevitable comments about he and his girlfriend being on something to cause such a bizarre sighting, Josh wrote, “We had no drugs or alcohol, we are both under 21 and were working at a church camp with strict policies.”

Have you had an unexplainable experience in the Wisconsin woods? Share your story in the comments below.

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