Creepy Wisconsin podcasts about true crime, weird history and the paranormal

8 Wisconsin podcasts to creep you out on your next haunted road trip

Embark on an auditory expedition into the weird, wild unknown with these fascinating Wisconsin podcasts. In their own unique way, each of these series explores stories of true crime, dark history, cryptids, hauntings, curious places, and the quirks of life in the badger state.

Which one are you going to listen to on your next road trip into the mysteries of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Legends Podcast

1. Wisconsin Legends Podcast

Join Wisconsin natives Mike Huberty of American Ghost Walks and Jeff Finup of Badgerland Legends as they discuss the many bizarre legends of Wisconsin. Topics include the Maribel Caves Hotel (Hotel Hell), the ghost of Ed Gein, Haunchyville, the mysteries of Devil’s Lake, and the Mineral Point Vampire.

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All the Sins of Wisconsin podcast

2. All the Sins of Wisconsin Podcast

Dig into the sinful side of Wisconsin with Falon and Mims as they explore true crime, unsolved mysteries, and other weird Wisconsin happenings. Topics include the underwater graveyard of Lake Superior, the famous exorcist from Appleton, the brutal murders at Taliesin, and the haunted house of Horicon.

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Spooky Sconnie Podcast

3. Spooky Sconnie Podcast

Spooky Sconnie covers everything weird about Wisconsin, including true crime, cryptids, haunted places, and strange history. Topics include the Witches of Whitewater, the Beast of Bray Road, Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison, and the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

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Wisconsin Drunk History podcast

4. Wisconsin Drunk History Podcast

Let’s get boozed up and talk about Wisconsin! This podcast isn’t exactly creepy, but they tackle all the quirks and curiosities of the badger state. Topics include the Dickeyville Grotto, Dr. Evermore and the Forevertron, Wisconsin shipwrecks, the Playboy Club recording studio in Lake Geneva, the monster of Devil’s Lake and loads more.

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Brutal Wisconsin podcast

5. Brutal Wisconsin Podcast

Brutal Wisconsin peels back the mask of “Midwest Nice” to look at the dark side of Wisconsin history, folklore, politics, and more. Topics include H.P. Lovecraft publisher August Derleth, the Goatman, the lobotomy of Rosemary Kennedy, lumberjack tall tales, and men in black encounters.

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WI-187 podcast

6. WI-187 Podcast

This podcast focuses on Wisconsin true crime and missing person cases. Topics include the incestuous Kunz family, The Fond du Lac Halloween killer, Milwaukee’s North Side Strangler, and the Krnak family murder.

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Hauntingly, Wisconsin podcast

7. Hauntingly, Wisconsin Podcast

Wisconsin hauntings and mysteries abound in the Hauntingly, Wisconsin podcast. Topics include Kate Blood and her haunted gravestone, the haunted Maribel Caves and Hotel Hell, the Octagon House, and the Witches Triangle of Whitewater.

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America's Scaryland podcast

8. America’s Scaryland Podcast

Explore Wisconsin’s unexplained and paranormal with America’s Scaryland. Topic include Mothman, Wisconsin mafia history, giant skeletons, and dogmen.

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Want more? Listen to our Weird Wisconsin playlist on Spotify.

Do you have a favorite Wisconsin podcast not included here? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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