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Explore the Dark Side of Wisconsin with Our New Travel Guide

Our first ever Wisconsin Travel Guide to the Dark Side has arrived! This free guide includes a look into the weird corners of Wisconsin Dells, the best places for a close encounter with a UFO, a trip into Ed Gein country, and other creepy, quirky, or downright bizarre must-see Wisconsin destinations.

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Here’s some of what you’ll find inside:

Dark Side of Wisconsin Dells

From the real severed head of a German serial killer, to hauntings, torture devices, and two-headed animals, there’s more to the “Water Park Capital of the World” than meets the eye.

Wisconsin Dells featured in our new Wisconsin Travel Guide

Wisconsin Dells featured in our new Wisconsin Travel Guide

Mayville Crop Circles

In 2003, retired Mayville resident Arthur Rantala was sipping his morning coffee as he watch crop circles literally form before his eyes in the field across from his house. 20 years later, this unique case is still baffling.

Crop circles and UFO sightings featured in our Wisconsin Travel Guide

The Incorrupt Priest of St. Nazianz

After being removed from his duties in a church in Germany’s Black Forest for heretical works, Father Oschwald lead his followers to Wisconsin where they founded a community known today as St. Nazianz. But Oschwald’s strange story did not end with his death.

The mysteriously incorrupt body of a heretic priest who founded the town of St. Nazianz

Ed Gein Tour

The life and crimes of deranged murderer Ed Gein, the original Psycho, have left scars on his hometown of Plainfield, if not the world. Step into one of the darkest chapters of Wisconsin history with a journey into Gein country that includes the story of his burned down house, his missing gravestone, and the museum where you can visit his jail cell.

Ed Gein's house, grave, museum and more featured in our free Wisconsin travel guide

Regional Guide

Check out our selection of our favorite places and legends from around the state, from the North Woods where the hodag roam to “Second Salem” near the southern border, and all manner of lake monster, Goatman, werewolf, haunted hotel, roadside attraction and historical atrocity in between.

Wisconsin travel guide to creepy, quirky and bizarre places

Are you ready to explore the dark side of Wisconsin?

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