Dark Tourist: Cream City Cannibal Tour Featured on Netflix Series

Milwaukee’s haunted Shaker’s Cigar Bar was filmed for an unnamed Netflix series last year. Now that series has a name, and it will be bringing the dark side of Milwaukee to Netflix this Friday.

In the new series Dark Tourist, journalist David Farrier explores the reasons why people like to visit places where bad things have happened. He even visits the locations to experience it for himself, which is what brought him to Milwaukee last year – to take the Jeffrey Dahmer tour.

The Cream City Cannibal tour has had its share of controversy since it launched in 2012, upsetting family and friends of Dahmer’s victims. Now, with its inclusion in the new docu-series, it has been deemed one of the eight 8 most unique dark tourism destinations in the world.

From the Hangman Tours website:

This tour is so gruesome, it was banned on Groupon – twice. Walk in the exact footsteps of cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, where he poached 7 of his 17 victims. Rife with tales of caution, psychological dissection, and terrifying details, the Cream City Cannibal is not for the feint of heart.

The tour made headlines earlier this year when promotions for its 6th season started making the rounds on Facebook.

“While they are gallivanting around doing their tour, there is a family member, there is a mother, there is a father, there is a sister, there is a brother looking at this picture going ‘why?'” Wesley Lemieux, a friend of one of Dahmer’s victims, told Fox 6 News.

“The tour’s owner said it’s been a smashing success ever since,” the article reported. “Over the phone, Barry Weiss urged critics to go on a tour before judging. He said the tour has been used by scholars, media and even the FBi to learn more about Dahmer, while treating the victims with respect.”

Dark Tourist hits Netflix this Friday, July 20. Watch the trailer here.

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