Watch This Documentary About Milwaukee’s DIY Punk Rock Circus

Dead Man’s Carnival is Milwaukee’s unique “performance collaborative and DIY punk rock circus,” putting on shows full of music, magic, circus and sideshow acts, burlesque, and more. This short film about the group by Casey T. Malone has just completed its film festival run, and is now available to watch online for a limited time.

Professor Pinkerton Xyloma, a founding member and ringmaster, discusses the antiauthoritarian nature of street performing, as well as the origins of the group from his early days performing in punk bands, train hopping, and dumpster diving, to the large showcases they put on now at The Miramar Theater.

Professor Pinkerton Xyloma of Dead Man's Carnival

Dead Man's Carnival

Dead Man's Carnival

Watch the documentary free for one week only right here.

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