Dells Ghost Boat

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Wisconsin Dells

11 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965 (Get directions)
Phone: (608) 254-8555

Wisconsin Dells legends tell of ancient canyons buried deep in the rocky banks of the Wisconsin river, where dark things haunt the passageways and shadows move in the moonlight. What lurks inside? Take an eerie, after-dark journey up-river by boat and into the shadow-haunted passages on foot, and find out.

The Ghost Boat is Wisconsin Dells’ scariest and most intense attraction, offering two chilling adventures: JOURNEY INTO HAUNTED CANYON (summer season) and SEASON OF THE WITCH (weekends in September and October). Climb aboard for an experience you’ll never forget . . . assuming you come back.

Journey into the Haunted Canyon

Nightly from Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day

A summer season adventure filled with legend, mystery and horror! As dusk falls on the river, climb aboard the boat that will ply the black waters enroute to the haunted canyon. During this creepy moonlit cruise, you’ll hear the legend of Whiskey Jack and the old mining settlement that gave the canyon its ghoulish reputation. Then its time to see if the ghostly tale is true, as your boat docks in an ancient grotto and you continue the quest on-foot, through primeval forest and into the dark, winding recesses of the canyon! Discover the source of the terrifying stories, from the not-so-abandoned ruins of the mining town to the ultimate fate of Whiskey Jack. But beware! Some secrets don‘t like to be revealed, and if you’re not careful, you may find yourself a part of the haunted canyon story . . . permanently.

Season of the Witch

Weekends in September and October thru Halloween

There are those who believe the wilderness just beyond the borders of Wisconsin Dells is home to an ancient, evil entity, a malevolent monster whose power waxes in the dying days of Autumn. This is the Witch of Wisconsin Dells, and those who dare can join in a fright-filled Halloween season journey to its haunted lair. You’ll embark at dusk on a boat filled with fellow explorers (and a few uninvited ghastly guests), hearing legends and folklore of the Dells as you ride upriver. Then comes a walk through a forest haunted by all manner of ghost and ghoul, vampire and werewolf, leading you straight to the dark heart of the witch’s canyon crypt! A Halloween adventure that will haunt your nightmares!


Memorial Day weekend thru October
Nightly during the summer season (Journey into the Haunted Canyon)
Weekends in September and October (Season of the Witch)
Departures in evening
Trip times vary; Please call.


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Dells Ghost Boat Wisconsin haunted house review

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  1. Not impressed with the Ghost Boat at all. A big waste of time and money. First off there was a delay and a lot of waiting around because they seemed to be way over booked, evendors though we git there early lIke they said. Then 2 boats took about 100 people each up the river. They played a scary voice over talking about a character Whiskey Jack, but when you get to canyon there isn’t all that much that even correlates to the story. When you get off the boat its a lot of walking up the canyon. When there is 200 people you can always hear the screams shortly ahead of you, so nothing was very scary. Just characters jumping out at you. But it seemed there was only 6 characters working any way. You basically walk up the canyon a mile or so, then turn around and walk right back the way you came. And you pass all 200 people you came with, coming right back past you, on a little 3 foot wide bridge.
    Canyon was cool and would be a good trip in the day. But i would never do this trip again. Worst haunted house experience i’ve ever seen. Don’t waste your time or money.

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