The remains of Ed Gein’s house on March 30th, 1958 during the auction of his property

Ed Gein’s property and possessions were auctioned off on March 30, 1958 just months after his arrest following the grisly discovery of human remains scattered throughout his family’s old farmhouse where he lived in isolation.

The house itself mysteriously burned to the ground before the auction, but the land, outbuildings, and everything inside them was still up for grabs. Some notable purchases include the car Gein used to transport bodies from the graves he exhumed, which was billed as ED GEIN’S GHOUL CAR and exhibit for some time at county fairs around the state until it vanished, and a cauldron Gein may have used to hold the guts of his victims.

This incredible 8mm home film posted to Youtube shows rare footage of the crowd gathered on the Gein property outside of Plainfield, as well as the pile of ash that used to be the house.

The video begins with footage of the poster’s father plowing snow with a tractor but auction begins at about the two minute mark.

Watch it here:

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