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Horror of Ed Gein’s Cauldron Featured in The Haunted Museum

The chilling story of Ed Gein’s cursed cauldron is featured in the new season of Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans’ and horror master Eli Roth’s series The Haunted Museum.

Ed Gein places to visit:

A peculiar item hit the auction block in 2015: An iron cauldron purported to have been belonged to Ed Gein, said to have contained human remains on the day of his arrest. Moreover, this cauldron seemed to be haunted, causing trouble for its owner, Dan McIntyre.

McIntyre reached out to Gein historian Charlie Hintz of Cult of Weird to share the story of the cauldron, detailing how it came to be in his family’s possession, and explaining that a friend of the family claimed to have seen it in Gein’s house with blood and human entrails inside.

Cult of Weird broke the news of the impending auction, garnering the attention of Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans who put in the winning bid of $2,800.

Ed Gein's cursed cauldron on display in The Haunted Museum

Ed Gein’s cursed cauldron on display in The Haunted Museum, Las Vegas

The following year, Ed Gein‘s cauldron was featured in an episode of the Ghost Adventures spinoff Deadly Possessions in which Bagans spoke with McIntyre about his experiences with the seemingly cursed object.

Bagans’ Haunted Museum opened in Las Vegas with the cauldron on display.

The Haunted Museum

Bagans and horror filmmaker Eli Roth teamed up last year to produce a Travel Channel series called The Haunted Museum, which featured scripted reenactments of the stories behind key artifacts in the museum, such as a haunted dollhouse, Charles Manson’s possessed television, and the notorious Dybbuk Box.

This Halloween, The Haunted Museum returns with new episodes about more cursed items in Bagans’ collection.

And one of them hits pretty close to home.

Ed Gein's haunted cauldron on Deadly Possessions

Dan McIntyre and Ed Gein’s cauldron with Zak Bagans on Deadly Possessions, 2016

The Devil’s Cauldron

Premiering Thursday, November 2 on Travel Channel and streaming on Max, this episode of The Haunted Museum will dive into the horrors of Ed Gein’s cauldron:

In this surreal take on the Ed Gein story, a nurse named Jessie inadvertently comes into contact with a cauldron once used by the infamous grave robber and murderer to render the flesh of his victims. When she becomes infected by the evil attached to the cauldron, she begins having terrifying visions and supernatural encounters with a horrifying stranger. As her condition worsens, Jessie descends into a nightmare traversing time and space.

Inspired Object From Zak’s Museum: After purchasing Ed Gein’s cauldron at a Gein estate sale in 1958, Evelyn Mair’s family had many negative experiences with the cursed item, forcing them to get rid of it.

Zak Bagans presents Ed Gein's cursed cauldron

Zak Bagans presents Ed Gein’s cursed cauldron

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