Ed Gein Demon Hunter comic book

Ed Gein: Demon Hunter

What if Wisconsin murderer and body snatcher Ed Gein was brought back to life by Satan himself to hunt a rogue demon hiding out in his old hometown of Plainfield? That’s the premise of the 4-issue comic book miniseries Ed Gein: Demon Hunter written by award-winning UK-based graphic novelist Lucifer Storm, with art by Kristian Rossi.

Here’s the synopsis:

Ed Gein, The Butcher Of Plainfield has been dead for seven years. Stuck in a Hell loop, Ed continually digs up his mother’s grave over, and over again, destined to never leave what he thinks is Plainfield Cemetery.

But when Ed’s Hell loop is interrupted by Satan himself, who asks Ed to go back to Plainfield as his personal Demon Hunter, Ed begins to fear the worst. A Deranged demon has escaped with the intention of destroying Heaven, Hell and everything in between. Satan can’t leave Hell unattended, but he can send someone else into the field to do the dirty work for him. And who better to catch a deranged entity than a once-deranged maniac?

Now, armed with a sacrificial dagger and accompanied by a Hell-spawn disguised as a Blood Hound, Ed must do everything he can to overcome the traumas of his past so that he can protect the universe from complete annihilation.

Will Ed be able to overcome the demons of his past in order to capture the deranged demon that lurks in the shadows of Plainfield, Wisconsin? Or will he give in to the fears and the ghosts of his past trauma? 

‘Ed Gein: Demon Hunter’ is a four-issue outlaw comics mini-series from award-winning graphic novelist Lucifer Storm, accompanied by the incredible artistic talent of Kristian Rossi. It’s a tale that has humour, heroics and a little bit of heart and teaches us all how important it is to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein stands in a freshly dug grave in the comic book Ed Gein: Demon Hunter

“I have friends who aren’t comic book readers, but they love Marvel Movies, and they’re interested in serial killers,” Storm told Bleeding Fool. “So I wanted to make something that they would want to read. After some brainstorming, my gallows sense of humour kicked in, and the title ‘Ed Gein: Demon Hunter’ came to mind. And when it did, I couldn’t take my mind off of the idea, so I decided to roll with it.”

Ed Gein: Demon Hunter is an independent, self-published comic. The first three issues are available to order in print or digital on Storm’s website, with the 4th and final issue coming soon.

Ed Gein: Demon Hunter

Read an 8-page preview of the first issue titled “Nothing to Gein” right here.

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