Mass grave containing the remains of Mary Hogan and other victims of Ed Gein

The Mass Grave of Ed Gein’s Unidentified Victims Has Been Found

For years, the location of the mass grave where Mary Hogan, the human skin suit, and other unidentifiable remains found in Ed Gein’s house has been unknown. But now this video purports to show the grave for the first time ever. Watch it below.

If you know who Ed Gein is, then you’ve undoubtedly heard or read about the grotesque artifacts authorities discovered in his house in Plainfield, WI after his arrest on November 16, 1957. The lampshade and chair upholstered in human skin. The nipple belt. The skull bowl he ate his beans from. The assorted lips, noses, and vulvae. The female skin suit stitched together from various victims.

All fashioned from women he either murdered or dug up from one of several local cemeteries.

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After his arrest, Gein confessed to the murders of Mary Hogan and Bernice Worden. Hogan had gone missing several years earlier, and Worden was found hanging upside down in Gein’s home, gutted and decapitated, the day she vanished from her hardware store. He also admitted to making as many as 40 trips to local cemeteries at night to exhume the freshly buried bodies of women who resembled his deceased mother.

He claimed these grave robbing excursions were done in a “daze,” though he said he just snapped out of it and went home most of the time.

Grave robbed by Ed Gein in Plainfield Cemetery

The grave of Eleanor Adams was robbed by Gein and remains empty today

After his crimes came to light, Gein was also suspected for the disappearance of two hunters, his neighbor, and several younger girls.

But forensic science in the 1950s wasn’t capable of testing the DNA of the remains found in Gein’s home, so most of his grotesque craft projects were never identified.

Tavern owner Mary Hogan vanished without a trace on the night of December 8, 1954. She was missing for three years before investigators found her in Gein’s house, just a skull and a face in a paper bag.

A funeral was held for Bernice a few days later, and she was buried in Plainfield Cemetery.

As for the rest of the remains?

“The grisly relics were duly photographed at the crime lab and then decently disposed of,” Judge Robert H. Gollmar (who presided over Gein’s trial) writes in his book Edward Gein: America’s Most Bizarre Murderer.

In this case, “decently disposed of” means every body part found in Gein’s house, as well as some bones unearthed on the property later, were buried in an undisclosed location in 1962 according to this Ed Gein timeline.

That location has remained a mystery to the general public for five decades.

However, after posting the trailer for the upcoming docuseries Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein, a reader shared a link to a recently livestreamed Youtube video uncovering the location of the mass grave.

The location where Mary Hogan's bar once stood

The location where Mary Hogan’s bar once stood

Grave of Mary Hogan

Streamed live by Brie Hollingshead on August 6, 2023, the video is titled “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – 1st TIME SEEN – ED GEIN’S VICTIM MARY HOGAN’S GRAVE.”

Brie is streaming from Plainfield Cemetery, where she reveals a small, flat, freshly unearthed gravestone engraved with the words “IN MEMORY OF THE UNKNOWN DEAD.”

“If you notice, it’s been covered,” Brie says, “because there’s fear that once this gets out and released, that this will be stolen just like Ed Gein’s headstone has been stolen.”

Watch the video here:

Thanks to Brie for uncovering this missing piece of Wisconsin history and sharing it with us.