Elmwood UFO Days on CBS News 1988

Elmwood UFO Days featured on CBS News, 1988

Everyone wants to storm Area 51, but if we really want to find aliens, Wisconsin is the place to be. UFO investigation was pioneered here, aliens come here to serve pancakes right from their flying saucer, we have 3 annual UFO festivals in different hotspots, and two of those locations claim to be the UFO Capital of the World.

While both Dundee and Elmwood have had their fair share extraterrestrial visitors, it was Elmwood UFO Days in the spotlight in 1988 – the same year the first ever UFO Daze was held at Benson’s Hide-a-Way and UFO headquarters in Dundee.

CBS News came to Elmwood to talk to UFO witnesses and look into the plans to build a $50 million UFO landing pad.

Are there aliens in Elmwood?

As one local told CBS, “I’m not sayin’ there are, and I ain’t sayin’ there ain’t, but if they’re gonna be anyplace, they’ll be in Elmwood.”

Watch the news report right here.

Elmwood UFO Days happens every year on the last full weekend of July.

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