Exploring the Giant Spider Invasion Church

Church owned by The Giant Spider Invasion director Bill Rebane

In 1975 director Bill Rebane filmed what has come to be known as arguably the greatest bad horror movie ever made: The Giant Spider Invasion. And it was filmed entirely around the Merrill and Gleason areas.

There’s another legend in the area also connected to Rebane – this creepy abandoned church.

Abandoned church where exorcisms happened

But it’s not really abandoned. Also, it’s not in Minnesota, there were no exorcisms, and there is no basement, as the meme above suggests.

Rebane owns the 100-year-old church that his great uncle, a reverend, helped build for the Gleason-area estonians.

In the latest episode of Backpack Buddies, Jarrod Crooks and Randy Vongphakdy visit the church and talk about its history.

Watch it here:

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