Fireside Campgrounds Fright Fest

Lone Rock, WI

33533 Jay Lane, Lone Rock, WI 53556 (Get directions)

Fireside Campgrounds Haunted Pavilion-Ride down to the depths of hell in our fright elevator and try to make it out alive! Our 11 room pavilion is full of whats in your worst nightmare and if you make it out of the maze and autopsy room you will have to make it through the swamp with things that might go bump in the night and finally enter the haunted camper if you dare!

2018 Schedule

Every Friday/Saturday Nights from 6-10 pm starting September 21/22 and ending on 10-27


10.00 per person
Discounted tickets if you are camping with us. Cost will be 7.50 per person

How was your experience at Fireside Campgrounds Fright Fest?
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