The ghost of Milwaukee hotel magnate Walter Schroeder
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The Many Hauntings of Walter Schroeder

From the haunted Retlaw in Fond du Lac to the Milwaukee Hilton, the ghost of hotel magnate Walter Schroeder has been keeping busy from beyond the grave.
Octagon House is one of the most haunted places in Fond du Lac, WI

Octagon House

The historic Octagon House in Fond du Lac conceals secret rooms, passageways, and the ghosts of the family that lived there over 150 years ago.
Haunted Witherell House in Fond du Lac

Witherell House

Legend says a deranged child murdered her parents in the abandoned Witherell House in Fond du Lac, and they may still haunt the cursed property.
Rienzi Cemetery - Haunted location in Fond du Lac, WI

Rienzi Cemetery

Rienzi Cemetery is home to several notable haunted legends, including a gateway to Hell and the Witches Circle of excommunicated nuns.
UFO Daze at Bensons

Dundee UFOs: Alien Encounters and Benson’s UFO Headquarters in the Kettle Moraine

Explore Dundee's weird UFO history. Mysterious lights and alien activity have been sighted around this Wisconsin UFO hotspot for decades, maybe much longer.
Haunted cemeteries in Wisconsin
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The Eerie Legends of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in Wisconsin

From exhumed graves and axe murdering witches to portals to Hell itself, the legends and spirits of these haunted cemeteries in Wisconsin will never rest.