Ghost Boat Opens in Wisconsin Dells Memorial Day Weekend

Dells Boat Tours’ spooky after-dark excursion explores hidden canyons in Wisconsin Dells this summer, taking passengers on a frightful journey into the night. Ghost Boat: Journey into Haunted Canyon begins May 22.

Wisconsin Dells certainly has its share of dark tourist attractions, from haunted houses, wax museums, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and, more recently, creepy nighttime tours into the haunted recesses of the Wisconsin River.

Wisconsin Dells Ghost Boat: Journey into Haunted Canyon opens this weekend.

From the press release:

A spooky adventure on the Wisconsin River at night begins Memorial Day weekend when Ghost Boat: Journey into Haunted Canyon embarks for another summer of scares and chills. The popular excursion begins with an eerie boat ride upriver to Cold Water Canyon where passengers disembark and continue their expedition on foot into the shadowy recesses of the haunted gorge.

“Our summer Ghost Boat is a pure scary expedition into the dark side of the Dells,” said Amanda McGowan, assistant manager of Dells Boat Tours. “Onboard, chilling tales set the stage for what may lie ahead when you go ashore and dare to walk into the nearly pitch-black canyon on foot.”

The summer Ghost Boat runs exclusively to Cold Water Canyon. When darkness falls, the Ghost Boat leaves the safe harbor behind for an ominous 1½-hour adventure into the heart of the Dells. The nocturnal excursion begins with a ghostly tale on board the vessel. The murky waters that flow beneath are an unnerving reminder of the deadly history of this once treacherous waterway. Many river men were swept away as they tried to navigate their rafts of lumber through the swift current.

The mysterious stage is set as the Ghost Boat docks along the solemn shores of Cold Water Canyon. Draped in darkness, the canyon beckons to passengers to disembark and walk into the gorge on foot to find out what lies in wait. The narrow pathway at times requires a single-file approach as rocky cliffs hug you and an abyss of darkness adds to a truly intense adventure.

“At times you are walking into nearly complete blackness,” added McGowan. “It’s pitch-black, and that pushes the fear factor off the charts.”

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