The Giant Spider Invasion 40th Anniversary

40 years ago a meteor crashed into rural Wisconsin, unleashing upon the world a hoard of monstrous alien arachnids and the greatest low-budget horror film ever made.

That movie is The Giant Spider Invasion, an ode to 1950s creature features about giant spiders invading the town of Merrill, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. It was directed by Bill Rebane with a cast that included Alan Hale, Jr., best known for his role as The Skipper on Giligan’s Island.

Watch the Trailer

The Giant Spider Invasion opening title

A meteorite crashes in rural Wisconsin

Alan Hale Jr, the Skipper from Gilligan's Island

The giant spider devours its victim

The giant spider attacks

Deluxe Collector’s Edition

The new deluxe special edition of The Giant Spider Invasion on Blu-Ray includes a brand new documentary called Size Does Matter! Making The Giant Spider Invasion, the original Super-8 version of the film, archival interviews, a mini comic book, and a bonus CD featuring music from the forth-coming The Giant Spider Invasion the Musical.

Buy The Giant Spider Invasion on Blu-Ray
Buy The Giant Spider Invasion on Blu-Ray

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