Halloween pinball machine

Spooky Pinball Reveals New John Carpenter’s Halloween Pinball Machine

Wisconsin-based company Spooky Pinball LLC, purveyors of monstrous pinball machines such as Total Nuclear Annihilation, Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International, and Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle, has unveiled their latest creation – John Carpenter’s Halloween pinball!

The pinball machine is a masterpiece and a horror junkie’s dream come true, complete with custom artwork by Jason Edmiston, music by Matt “Count D” Montgomery, a flashing jack-o-lantern, Judith Myers’ gravestone, Michael Myers creeping around hedges, and a knife handle for the plunger.

Slashing has never been this fun.

Take a look here:

The Halloween pinball machine will be available July 7th to members of the Spooky Pinball Fang Club.

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