Haunted hotel for sale in Humbird, WI

Haunted Hotel for Sale in Wisconsin, Ghosts Included

If you’re looking to get into the haunted hotel business, the Humbird Hotel Bar in Humbird, WI includes everything you need to get started – even the ghosts.

This historic property was built in 1869 and boasts a large bar and grill, 1,800 square feet of personal living quarters, and 6 hotel rooms rented through Airbnb. But wait, there’s more.

“Building could be haunted!” the real estate listing says. “Multiple reports from owners and guests of supernatural activities. Recently featured on Minnesota ghost hunter group, SIMs. . This property is sold AS IS.”

“It’s so old and beautiful,” listing agent Julie Bahnub told Realtor. “And people have experienced supernatural things in there—even the owners.”

Julie elaborated on one of the experiences the owners had:

“They were sitting in the bar and there was this hanging light and it started to move when they were sitting below it. One person got up and stopped it from moving and said he could feel the force of somebody pulling it, so he sat down and it just continued to spin.”

Haunted bar in Humbird, WI

“And the current owners aren’t the only ones who’ve felt the presence of otherworldly beings in the building,” the Realtor article states.

Guests have reported the presence of spirits in one of the beds and the feeling of being watched, and a male spirit has actually been seen watching people in another room. A spectral nurse is sometimes seen in the hallways carrying a tray. Some speculate she could be assisting smallpox patients who possibly died in the building.

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The article says child entities have also been seen in some of the rooms, and an unidentified creature crawls down the walls of “The Pink Room,” as the hotel calls it.

Humbird haunted hotel room

One of the haunted rooms in the historic Humbird hotel

One of the rooms in the historic haunted Humbird hotel

“I just kind of threw [the supernatural stuff] in my write-up, because I’m not sure if it’s a positive or negative,” Julie told Realtor.

“There were many deaths of smallpox in the 1800s in this building, and it is very active,” the Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota group says on their website.

During a June, 2022 paranormal investigation of the hotel, the group snapped photos of what they believe to be a shadow person moving down the hallway. They also captured EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings of seemingly ghostly voices saying “I’m sorry” and “mommy” or “Rodney.”

Hallway of the haunted Humbird hotel where a shadow person was photographed during a paranormal investigation

The entire building and everything in it – even the various kinds of spirits – are included in the $279,900 price tag. If you’ve dreamed of one day running your own haunted hotel, this is a great way to get started.

Humbird Hotel Bar is located at N3041 King St, Humbird, WI 54746. See the listing and more photos right here.

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