Welcome to Wisconsin Frights

After many late nights and hidden bodies, Wisconsin Frights has finally launched! When I started Wisconsin Sickness in 2007, the goal was to cover everything dark and disturbing Wisconsin had to offer, including haunted locations, serial killers, bands, artists and, naturally, haunted houses and Halloween events.

I have no good excuse why that was never fully realized.

However, the goal of this site is to rectify that oversight with a modern, mobile-friendly and local search-optimized haunted house directory dedicated to collecting visitor ratings and reviews of their experiences at haunted attractions across this great weird state.

Haunt Owners

Haunted house directories typically charge for listings, reviews, special placement on the site, etc. Of course, websites cost money to run and they have to support themselves somehow, but that is not how Wisconsin Frights works. As it grows, this site will eventually be supported by the ads you see in the sidebar and footer areas, not money out of the pockets of people as passionate about Halloween as we are. As all we ask for in exchange for showcasing your creations is a link to us from your site, some word of mouth, maybe share things on your social media accounts as we will be doing for you.

For more information go here: Haunt Owners

Website Design

As a professional graphic designer and internet marketer (Mental Shed Studios), it pains me to admit I ignored some of the important rules when designing this site, such as the black background behind the text, huge header image, etc. But it looks pretty awesome, right? Except maybe for the burns on your retinas.

I’ll fix it next year.

In the meantime, we are still optimizing, tweaking and constantly making changes to improve the overall usefulness of the site. A lot of things have been overlooked for now to make sure it could launch this Halloween season. If you think something really sucks or you have some suggestions let us know.

On a side note, the bloody Wisconsin sign in the cornfield was inspired by Oshkosh Horror, a group doing great things for indie Wisconsin horror filmmakers and fans.


We are interested in showcasing anything Halloween or horror-related from Wisconsin throughout the year. Feel free to send us photos, videos, event details, articles, reviews, etc. You can also share things with the Wisconsin Frights community on Instagram using the hashtag #wifrights.

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