Haunted Places in Wisconsin

Explore the history and lore surrounding the most legendary haunted places in Wisconsin.

History of the Haunted Witches Tower in Whitewater

The Starin Park water tower has long been rumored to be the location of rituals and witchcraft.

New Book Explores Milwaukee’s Ghosts and Legends

The new book by Gothic Milwaukee’s Anna Lardinois explores the haunted history of Milwaukee.

Wisconsin’s Most Haunted: The Grave of Kate Blood

Her gravestone may drip blood, but was she really an axe-murdering witch?

Wisconsin’s Most Haunted: The Jay Road Jogger

A bleak stretch of road where travelers have encountered the restless spirit of a hit-and-run victim hoping to hitch a ride.

Wisconsin’s Most Haunted: Dartford Cemetery

Green Lake’s old burial ground holds the dark secrets of the idyllic community’s tragic past.

The Eerie Legends of These Wisconsin Cemeteries Will Haunt You

From exhumed graves and axe murders to the haunted triangle of “Second Salem,” these legends (and spirits) will never rest.

Wisconsin’s Most Haunted: The Bloody History of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin Estate

In 1914 the famous architect’s home became the stage for a brutal massacre, and some believe the spirits still linger.

Haunted Tugboat Lurks in the Milwaukee Harbor

6 men lost their lives when the tugboat Wisconsin sank in 1941. Since its restoration, strange phenomena have convinced some that those men never left it.

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