The Grand theater Oshkosh
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The Grand Oshkosh Ghost Tours

Take a spooky ghost tour through Wisconsin's oldest operating theater, where many figures from its past still linger.
Summerwind Mansion

Summerwind Mansion

Discover the chilling story of Summerwind Mansion, the abandoned Wisconsin house said to be haunted by the spirit of 18th-century explorer Jonathan Carver.
Witch Road in Ripon, WI

Witch Road

Legend says Witch Road near Ripon, WI is haunted by an evil crone whose ghost dwells in the woods, causing mysterious lights and other paranormal phenomena.
The Rave Haunted Holidays Tours
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The Rave Haunted Holidays Tours

Go backstage for The Rave Haunted Holiday Tours this Christmas, where you'll encounter the ghosts of Milwaukee's historic haunted concert venue.
Haunted hotel for sale in Humbird, WI

Haunted Hotel for Sale in Wisconsin, Ghosts Included

If you're looking to get into the haunted hotel business, this spooky historic bar with 6 hotel rooms in Humbird, WI includes everything you need to get started - even the ghosts.
The mysteries of Holy Hill haunted history

Mysteries of Holy Hill

Miracles, mysteries, and a murderous hermit. The history of Holy Hill is equally as strange as the haunted cemetery, goatman legends, and bearwolf sightings that surround it.
Maribel Caves Hotel, also known as Hotel Hell in Maribel, WI

Maribel Caves Hotel Hell

The historic Maribel Caves Hotel, known as "Hotel Hell," may be one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin, complete with a Portal to Hell in the old well.
Old Glenbeulah haunted school

Old Glenbeulah School

Built in 1916, the old Glenbeulah School has been home to haunted phenomena for decades.
Moe Lutheran Church haunted church and cemetery in Clear Lake, WI

Moe Lutheran Church

Legend says that 30 people perished when Moe Lutheran Church burned down in the 1900s, and that ghosts from the cemetery across the street cause car accidents.
Polk County Poor Farm in Amery, WI

Polk County Poor Farm

The house originally built for the Polk County Poor Farm in Amery, WI is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young boy murdered there many years ago.
Amery haunted church

Amery Lutheran Church

Voices inside the walls and the bell ringing by itself have lead some parishioners to believe the Amery haunted church is occupied by a phantom congregation.
Holy Hill Art Farm ghost caught on camera in Wisconsin

Creepy Figure Caught on Trail Cam Near Holy Hill

An eerie image appearing to a show a ghost captured on film at the idyllic Holy Hill Art Farm hints that the site may be home to some lingering spirits.
Hotel Chequamegon haunted hotel in Ashland, WI

Hotel Chequamegon

The Hotel Chequamegon is a historic haunted hotel in Northern Wisconsin with a reputation for strange sounds, voices, and the ghost of a man in a top hat.
Does the Christmas Tree Ship still sail Lake Michigan on Christmas Eve?

The Ghost of the Christmas Tree Ship

The legendary Christmas Tree Ship sank into Lake Michigan over 100 years ago, but that doesn't stop her ghostly crew from trying to finish their final voyage.
The ghost of Milwaukee hotel magnate Walter Schroeder
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The Many Hauntings of Walter Schroeder

From the haunted Retlaw in Fond du Lac to the Milwaukee Hilton, the ghost of hotel magnate Walter Schroeder has been keeping busy from beyond the grave.
Peshtigo Fire Museum
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Peshtigo Fire Museum & Mass Grave

The Peshtigo Fire Museum displays relics and tells the story of the devastating 1871 inferno that wiped out 17 towns and left as many as 2,500 dead.
Sheboygan County Asylum
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Sheboygan County Asylum

The haunted halls of the Sheboygan County Asylum are said to have driven nurses to suicide. What spirits lurk in the abandoned tunnels of the insane asylum?
St. Killian's Catholic Cemetery in Lake Geneva

St. Kilian’s Catholic Cemetery

The church was burned to the ground following rumors of Satanic rituals and black masses, but St. Kilian’s Catholic Cemetery in Lake Geneva is still home to something evil.
Evergreen Inn Hotel in Manitowoc

Evergreen Inn Hotel

Legend says the old Evergreen Inn Hotel building in Manitowoc has seen many deaths over the years, and those spirits still wander the halls and their old rooms.
Pioneers Rest Cemetery

Pioneers Rest Cemetery

Known as Bandli Graveyard, Pioneers Rest Cemetery in Rice Lake is the site of macabre legends including murder, Satanic rituals, and the ghost of a young girl.
Evil book in Whitewater

Evil Book in the UW-Whitewater Library

According to legend, an evil book that drives readers to insanity and suicide lurks behind lock and key in the basement of a Whitewater library.
Hamilton House haunted bed & breakfast in Whitewater, WI

Hamilton House

The historic Hamilton House in Whitewater may still be the home of Sarah Posey and her son, though they’ve been buried in Hillside Cemetery for 100 years.
USS Cobia haunted submarine in Manitowoc, WI

USS Cobia Haunted Submarine

The USS Cobia haunted submarine is permanently moored at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum, where tour guides have had ghostly encounters with a crewman killed in WWII.
Amityville Horror house wisconsin
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Amityville Horror House

The Amityville Horror house seen in the 2005 remake starring Ryan Reynolds was filmed in Wisconsin at this Victorian manor on the shore of Silver Lake.
Octagon House is one of the most haunted places in Fond du Lac, WI

Octagon House

The historic Octagon House in Fond du Lac conceals secret rooms, passageways, and the ghosts of the family that lived there over 150 years ago.
Glenbeulah Cemetery

Glenbeulah Cemetery

Legends of Glenbeulah Cemetery of glowing graves, a headless man, the ghost of a lost girl, and more make it possibly the most haunted cemetery in Wisconsin.
Haunted Witherell House in Fond du Lac

Witherell House

Legend says a deranged child murdered her parents in the abandoned Witherell House in Fond du Lac, and they may still haunt the cursed property.
Rienzi Cemetery - Haunted cemetery in Fond du Lac, WI

Rienzi Cemetery

Founded by a family of spiritualists, Rienzi Cemetery in Fond du Lac is home to many notable Wisconsin figures, as well as its share of haunted legends.
Haunted witch tower in Whitewater, WI

History of the Haunted Witch Tower in Whitewater

The haunted witch tower in Whitewater, a historical water tower in Starin Park, has long been rumored to be the location of occult rituals and witchcraft.
Grave of Kate Blood in Appleton, WI

The Grave of Kate Blood

Her gravestone may drip blood, but was she really an axe-murdering witch? Here's the story of the haunted grave of Kate Blood in Appleton's Riverside Cemetery.
Jay Road is one of the most haunted roads in Wisconsin

The Jay Road Ghost Jogger

A bleak stretch of road where travelers have encountered the restless spirit of a hit-and-run victim hoping to hitch a ride.

Dartford Cemetery

Green Lake's old pioneer burial ground Dartford Cemetery holds the dark secrets of the idyllic community's tragic past, and its spirits are not resting.
Haunted cemeteries in Wisconsin
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The Eerie Legends of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in Wisconsin

From exhumed graves and axe murdering witches to portals to Hell itself, the legends and spirits of these haunted cemeteries in Wisconsin will never rest.
The abandoned Castle of Terror haunted house in Wisconsin Dells
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Remembering the Haunted Attractions of Wisconsin Dells Past

These haunts may have given up the ghost, but they will forever torment the memories of our childhood vacations to the Dells.

Taliesin Massacre: The Bloody History of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home

In 1914 the famous architect's home became the stage for a brutal massacre, and some believe the spirits still linger.
Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk
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Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk

Explore haunted history on the Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk with bizarre legends and stories of notorious residents who still linger long after their deaths.

Haunted Tugboat Lurks in the Milwaukee Harbor

Six men lost their lives when the tugboat Wisconsin sank in 1941. Since its restoration, strange phenomena have convinced some that those men never left it.