Is my house haunted?

Is Your House Haunted? 10 Signs You May Be Living With Ghosts

Is your house haunted? Do you lie awake at night listening to ghostly screams and watching shadow people move around your room, telling yourself it’s just the house settling? Okay, it’s usually not that dramatic, but many people do experience strange things in their home and try to rationalize it any way they can…even when it doesn’t make sense.

It can be hard to accept that you may be living in a haunted house, but if you’re being plagued by seemingly paranormal phenomena, it might be time to consider that you might be sharing your living space with something a little…less living. Is that sound really the water pipes, or is the restless spirit of a past resident trying to get your attention?

Paranormal investigator Brandon Kramer from Appleton, Wisconsin has built a following on Tiktok sharing ghost stories and evidence from his ghost hunting experiences, and his latest video will help you determine if you have ghosts.

“So you think your house might be haunted. Well, here are some signs that you might be right,” Brandon says. “But if you get five or more, I may have some bad news for you.”

Signs your house may be haunted:


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1. Uneasy feelings in your home

Do you feel like someone is watching you or just get generally creepy vibes around your house? This is often one of the first things you notice in a haunted place, even if it’s only on a subconscious level to begin with, and it may indicate the presence of something in the home that you can’t see.

In the case of the Tallman haunting in Horicon, Allen Tallman described a growing sense of unease in the garage. “He felt like something was watching and waiting for him there,” Cult of Weird writes. “When he closed the door, he said he felt like he was ‘shutting himself in a tomb.'”

2. Unexplained Odors

Have you noticed strange smells that shouldn’t be there, often in a particular spot in your home, or at a certain time? Maybe even on a regular basis? Do you suddenly catch the scent of something familiar that invokes a childhood memory, like Grandma’s perfume or coffee?

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3. Weird Noises

Do you hear unexplained sounds or voices in your home? Does it seem like something is trying to get your attention? The sounds may happen at the same time every day or seem to be a response to something else happening around you.

4. Flashes of Light

If you keep seeing a bright flash of light in your home in the same place and time, that may be a sign of a haunting.

5. Cold Spots

Sure your house may have drafts, or the heat might not work as well in one room, but do you experience unexplained cold spots in your home? Paranormal investigators say ghosts require energy to manifest, so they will often draw heat from the air.

While filming The Amityville Horror in Wisconsin, the cast and crew described feeling an “otherworldly presence” in the 140+ year old house that was accompanied by cold spots and sudden chills.

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6. Electric Glitches

Do your lights, TVs, appliances or other electronic devices frequently turn on and off on their own? Maybe batteries won’t stay charged in a certain room, but work just fine in others. This can be a sign of otherworldly energy at work in your home.

7. Seeing Things

Do you have visions, see shadows or movement from the corner of your eye, but when you look over it’s gone?

8. Missing or Moved Objects

Do things go missing in your home, only to turn up later in the most unlikely of places with no explanation of how it got there? Sure, maybe you somehow put it there and forgot…but maybe you didn’t.

9. Strange Dreams

Are you experiencing bizarre dreams you’ve never had before? Maybe meeting a new, unfamiliar person in your dreams? These are called dream visitations, and it may not actually be a dream.

10. Being Touched

Do you experience the sensation of someone touching you, but there’s no one there?

“If you replied yes to five or more of these,” Brandon says, “I expect you to ask me some questions.”

Follow Brandon on Tiktok @realghosthunter1 and Wisconsin Frights @wisconsinfrights

If you have experienced any of these things and you think your house is haunted, please share your story with us in the comments below or send us a message.

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