Is Jimmy Hoffa buried in Milwaukee?

Is Jimmy Hoffa Buried in Milwaukee?

A group of cold-case investigators called “The Case Breakers” have followed a lead in the notorious missing persons case of Jimmy Hoffa, and it’s lead them to Milwaukee, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Jimmy Hoffa was controversial leader of the American labor union and president of the Teamsters with mafia ties. In July 1975, Hoffa vanished without a trace from the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Michigan.

He was declared legally dead in 1982, and his body has never been found.

Rumors abound, and numerous leads have been investigated over the years with many people claiming to know who whacked Hoffa and where his body was hidden. There’s even a guy in Michigan who thinks his 1960 Lincoln may be Jimmy Hoffa’s “death car.”

Still, no Hoffa to be found.

Milwaukee County Stadium c.1950s

Milwaukee County Stadium c.1950s

So what brings The Case Breakers to Milwaukee?

An ace of spades.

The playing card in question belonged to a man named Sgt. Harold Walthers, an associate of Chicago mafia don Joey Aiuppa. Walthers died in 1996, but before he did he showed the card to his county deputy niece Michelle.

“If something happens to me, you’ll know what to do,” he told her.

On the card, the names of Hoffa and Aiuppa were written, along with the words “3rd Base Milwaukee Ball Park 9-16-95.”

Using satellite imagery to find the exact place where 3rd base resided in 1995, The Case Breakers arrived at what is now Helfaer Field beside the Brewers’ American Family Field.

And they brought with them a cadaver dog, Molly, who “hit” four times on the location of 3rd base, indicating the presence of human remains.

The next step is to dig, which federal authorities are considering right now.

Read more about it in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel right here.

The Case Breakers have had a hand in solving aspects of other unsolved crimes over the years, including the Zodiac Killer and the case of hijacker D.B. Cooper.


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