Legendary recording studio in Lake Geneva, WI

Remembering the Legendary Recording Studio in Lake Geneva

A look back at Royal Recorders, the Lake Geneva studio where bands like Cheap Trick, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Crash Test Dummies and Nine Inch Nails recorded.
Gary Gygax Appendix N Alcove Dungeons & Dragons exhibit in the Lake Geneva Public Library

Gary Gygax Appendix N Alcove

Visit the Gary Gygax Appendix N Alcove in Lake Geneva, an exhibit dedicated to the works that inspired Dungeons & Dragons. Complete with a Throne of Reading!
World's Largest Glass Tree at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, WI

World’s Tallest Glass Tree

Watch as artisans build the World’s Tallest Glass Tree this Christmas, with live glassblowing, a Winter Market, and more at Yerkes Observatory.
Lake Geneva ice sculptures

Lake Geneva Winterfest

Experience winter magic and wonder at the Lake Geneva Winterfest with ice sculptures, snow sculpting championships, bonfires on the beach and more.
Winter Realms in Lake Geneva

Winter Realms

Experience a magical frozen adventure at the Lake Geneva Ice Castles, an icy landscape of caves, slides, crawl spaces and more for all ages.
St. Killian's Catholic Cemetery in Lake Geneva

St. Kilian’s Catholic Cemetery

The church was burned to the ground following rumors of Satanic rituals and black masses, but St. Kilian’s Catholic Cemetery in Lake Geneva is still home to something evil.
Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum in Lake Geneva, WI

Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum

Experience fantasy RPG history at the D&D museum, located inside the original TSR headquarters in Lake Geneva, the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons.
Gary Gygax memorial in Lake Geneva, WI

Gary Gygax Memorial

Visit the memorial for Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons, in Lake Geneva, WI where he wandered the halls of an abandoned sanitarium as a child.
Lake Geneva Ghost Walk

Lake Geneva Ghost Walks

Explore ancient legends and haunted history on the Lake Geneva Ghost Walk, from the Handlebar Mustache Ghost of the Baker House to Jenny the lake monster.