Puppet Homage to Lakefront Brewery’s Pumpkin Lager

A bad day fishing suddenly looks up when a genie in a Wisconsin cheesehead hat offers down-and-out fisherman Clyde and Lynnyrd one wish. Angry Young Men, ltd. created this hilarious tribute to Lakefront Brewery’s seasonal Pumpkin Lager.

Watch the video here:

The Best Beer in the World

Angry Young Men, ltd. is the Milwaukee-based puppet collective responsible for bringing funny and obscene puppet antics to local theatre. They are the disturbed minds behind the sketch comedy series Full-Frontal Puppetry, as well as the annual Halloween performance of Night of the Living Dead: The Puppet Show, a felt-and-gore fest that pays homage to George Romero’s classic film with zombie puppets and plush organs.

If you don’t have a magic genie in a boot to grant your Pumpkin Lager wish, thankfully Lakefront Brewery has a Beer Finder to help you track down some some Pumpkin Lager near you.

What’s your favorite Fall brew? Tell us in the comments below:

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