“Lunar Meteorite” For Sale in Eau Claire

Undeniably a lunar meteorite…

A Craigslist user in Eau Claire seemingly had the good fortunate to stumble upon a unique and highly valuable space rock. And today is your lucky day, because now is your opportunity to get a really good deal on it.

From the listing:

I have what is undeniably a meteorite that I found in the woods about 20 years ago, I have never had a pro positively identify it but its clear that it was super heated when it struck the ground, there is quarts fused to the side that was facing the sky and sand fused to the bottom in the shape of the rock so it has to be what I think it is however it is nonferrus meaning a magnet doesn’t stick to it but I read that lunar meteorites aren’t ferrus so I think that’s where it originated. These go for anywhere from 50 to 1000 dollars a gram or more! The thing weighs approximately 8 lbs so it could be worth $20,000-$450,000 or more, I’ve been considering letting it go for awhile but am apprehensive because of its awesomeness but I need money so make me an offer or if anybody can help me positively id it that would be great thank you.

Lunar meteorite for sale in Eau Claire

If you are interested in becoming the owner of this awesomeness, see the listing on Craigslist right here.

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