See Metal Mom and Her Viking Float in the Stoughton Parade

Metal Mom sits on her throne of knitting needles

Stoughton resident Jeanne Prueher is an unlikely icon in the world of metal music. Thanks to her son Nick, however, she will be representing Norwegian black metal in the town’s upcoming Syttende Mai parade.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes:

“The Metal Mom persona began four years ago when Nick Prueher, a comedian who has worked for David Letterman and Stephen Colbert, saw a Metallica T-shirt in a thrift store and thought it would be hilarious if his mother wore it.”

He soon began sending her more shirts (she now has over 60) and posting photos of her doing “mom things” while wearing them, such as grocery shopping, baking, and cleaning the toilet.

Nick launched a GoFundMe campaign in February to raise money for a Metal Mom float.

Jeanne will meander down the streets of Stoughton on a throne of knitting needles, aboard a black Viking ship with a dragon that breathes smoke. A Macy’s-style balloon made to look like her will float overhead, while a song written for Metal Mom by local metal band Crackhammer plays from the float.

It all goes down Sunday, May 20th in Stoughton at 1:30pm.

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