New Book Explores Milwaukee’s Ghosts and Legends

Milwaukee Ghosts and Legends available now

The latest book in the Haunted America series from The History Press digs into Milwaukee’s past to unearth some of Wisconsin’s strangest lore, along with plenty of residents who still linger long after their death.

Milwaukee Ghosts and Legends was written by none other than Anna Lardinois, whose Gothic Milwaukee ghost tours and Haunted Heartland show on Riverwest Radio regularly take guests and listeners on haunted journeys into Milwaukee’s dark history.

“Beneath Milwaukee’s calm façade, its ghastly past awaits,” the description reads. “In life, Charles Pfister played the dutiful hotel host, and he tends this office still in death. The overbearing spirit of Frederick Pabst keeps persistent watch over the mansion that shares his name. The remains of the Newhall House Fire, the city’s deadliest disaster, may lie beneath a new building, but those who lost their lives that night refuse to rest in peace. Even the suburbs hold their share of ghoulish secrets, including the furtive dwarves of Haunchyville, the fabled Bray Road Beast and the stubborn spirits lurking in Deacon West’s house. Tour guide and founder of Gothic Milwaukee Anna Lardinois shares the spine-tingling tales of the Beer City’s famous, and not so famous, specters and legends.”

Milwaukee Ghosts and Legends by Anna Lardinois

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