Most haunted cemetery in Wisconsin

VIDEO: Is THIS the MOST HAUNTED cemetery in Wisconsin?

For the first episode in our new spooky travel video series about Wisconsin’s legendary places, I decided to take a trip to what many of you have told me is the most haunted cemetery in Wisconsin: Walnut Grove Cemetery in Glenbeulah.

And that very well may be true. This secluded burial ground has an eerie feel, even midday. With legends of a decapitated man, a ghost child, and more, it certainly seems to be teeming with spirits. So many spirits, in fact, that rumor claims the crew of Unsolved Mysteries once filmed here and captured real evidence of the paranormal.

Not only it is one of my favorite places to visit, Glenbeulah Cemetery is just a short drive from Wisconsin Frights HQ at the northern tip of the Kettle Moraine. So for my first foray into making a travel vlog, we head into the Wisconsin countryside to explore the history, ghosts, and Victorian superstitions lurking within.

Watch the video below or on Youtube right here.

Next I’m working on trips to an asylum cemetery, a bleeding gravestone, and the grave of a notorious Wisconsin senator where an exorcism took place in the 1960s. Be sure to subscribe to Wisconsin Frights on Youtube so you don’t miss them.

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