World’s Largest Ghost Hunt at the Old Baraboo Inn


Saturday, Sept. 30th on National Ghost Hunting Day
Prepaid tickets only


135 Walnut St.
Baraboo, WI 53913


$50 per person

GHOST HUNTERS! – EPIC event in our TOP HAUNT!!! Make HISTORY with us on Sat. Sept. 30th, NATIONAL GHOST HUNTING DAY!! We are honored and excited to Announce that OLD BARABOO INN has been selected as a Historical, Haunted Satellite location to participate in the WORLD’S LARGEST GHOST HUNT!! Only 100 locations and paranormal investigation teams across the World were chosen for this Event. Besides teams in the United States, they have teams from India, Canada, United Kingdom , Australia, Netherlands, Malaysia, and Ireland. We will all investigate at the same time! This is a special Event as OBI will be LIVE STREAMED via satellite from the Command Center in the French Quarter. We will draw names to select participants!!

More info the Facebook event page right here.

About Old Baraboo Inn

Built in 1864, this historic building has been a boarding house, saloon, and brothel. It is in the Wisconsin Historical and Architectural records. Many untimely deaths, love stories, and tragedies have taken place in these 4 walls. Many spirits who called this home, still remain here today. Currently, Old Baraboo Inn is open to the public Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday for Great Food & Spirits!

This haunt has several “resident” spirits. Cowboys, call girls, former owners, children, dogs, pets, and more!! It has been the place of many paranormal investigations, with countless photo, video, and audio captures. A full body apparition of the “lady in white” we now know is Cybil, a former madame. A very popular spirit, Mary, often communicates through ghost hunting equipment. Many customers, former employees, renters upstairs have encountered the spirits face to face. A HAUNTED SUITE is available for overnights upstairs in the old brothel. A TV program during a “Face Your Fears” episode just stayed and did face their fears! Food Network was recently here shooting for the Haunted Restaurant segment. They got Ghost Bombed!! You might, too, if you stop in! Offering Paranormal Workshops, Guided Investigations, Special Events, Private Parties, and yes, OVERNIGHTS!!

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