The Panic Chambers

Gresham, WI

W12505 Roosevelt Rd. Gresham, Wisconsin 54128 (Get directions)

Can you feel that bead of sweat running cold down your spine? It’s the chilling feeling of panic about to set in! Get ready to scream as you run from chamber to chamber in our house of horrors. You never know where one of our vicious creatures will appear. They will savagely terrorize your mind and leave you gasping for breath as you search for any ways to survive.

Every year we add more to our heart stopping location. Before or after you check in to Panic Chambers, come and enjoy Annie’s Irish Pub complete with a full bar, menu and even an arcade! Warm up around a blazing bonfire. Face your greatest terrors as they rip you out of reality and into your greatest nightmares.

2018 Schedule

Open Fridays and Saturdays starting in SEPTEMBER through OCTOBER!

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