JFK's World Famous Ball of Twine in Lake Nebagamon, WI

World Famous Ball of Twine

See the giant World Famous Ball of Twine made by James Frank Kotera over the course of 44 years! It's 22 feet wide, 10 feet high, and weighs over 24,100 pounds!
Gary Gygax Appendix N Alcove Dungeons & Dragons exhibit in the Lake Geneva Public Library

Gary Gygax Appendix N Alcove

Visit the Gary Gygax Appendix N Alcove in Lake Geneva, an exhibit dedicated to the works that inspired Dungeons & Dragons. Complete with a Throne of Reading!
Wisconsin Satanic Highway

Satanic Highway

Volunteers from The Satanic Temple Wisconsin dedicated their time to cleaning up the busy Highway 18, earning their own Adopt-a-Highway sign near Lake Mills.
The Witch's House of Milwaukee - Mary Nohl Art Environment

Witch’s House

The Witch's House in Milwaukee was the home of artist Mary Nohl, who filled her yard with weird sculptures, earning the reputation as the "Witch of Fox Point."
Ed Gein house

Ed Gein’s House

See the Ed Gein house as it is today in Plainfield, WI where Gein committed his horrific crimes.
Ed Gein's grave in Plainfield, WI

Ed Gein’s Grave

Visit Ed Gein's grave in Plainfield Cemetery, surrounded by the empty graves of his victims.
Ed Gein Museum

Ed Gein Museum

The Waushara County Historical Museum let's you step inside the jail cell where Gein was held after his arrest on Nov. 16, 1957 for the murder of Plainfield hardware store owner Bernice Worden.
Morning of Life sculpture by Clarence Shaler

Morning of Life Sculpture

"Morning of Life" was sculpted by Clarence Shaler in memoriam to his twin sister Clara, who died in 1878 at the age of 18.
Grave of the Munchkin Coroner Meinhardt Raabe in Wisconsin

Grave of the Munchkin Coroner

The grave of Wisconsin native Meinhardt Raabe, who portrayed the Munchkin coroner in the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.
The first flag day was observed here in Waubeka, WI

Birthplace of Flag Day

It was here in the one-room Stony Hill School that the first Flag Day was observed in 1885. Today, Waubeka is known as the Birthplace of Flag Day.
Oz Plaza in Oconomowoc, WI, where The Wizard of Oz premiered in 1939

Oz Plaza

Oz Plaza commemorates the world premiere of The Wizard of Oz in Oconomowoc when the film opened at the Strand Theater in 1939.
Vintage hearse on display at Cress Funeral Home in Madison

Vintage Hearse Display

Outside Cress funeral home in Madison you'll find a display containing an original 1800s vintage hearse that carried the dead to their graves for decades.
Peshtigo Fire Museum

Peshtigo Fire Museum & Mass Grave

The Peshtigo Fire Museum displays relics and tells the story of the devastating 1871 inferno that wiped out 17 towns and left as many as 2,500 dead.
Open burial mound and replica skeleton in Sheboygan Indian Mound Park

Open Burial Mound

A window into an open burial mound in the Sheboygan Indian Mound Park depicts a typical burial with a replica skeleton and artifacts.
Lottie Cooper shipwreck in Sheboygan

Lottie Cooper Shipwreck

Explore the remains of the Lottie Cooper shipwreck, a Great Lakes schooner that sank in the Sheboygan harbor in 1894.
Gary Gygax memorial in Lake Geneva, WI

Gary Gygax Memorial

Visit the memorial for Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons, in Lake Geneva, WI where he wandered the halls of an abandoned sanitarium as a child.
C97 Stratofrieghter plane at the Don Q Inn

Don Q Inn Plane

This Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter was retired from military service, starred in car commercials with Farah Fawcett, and came to rest on the lawn of the Don Q Inn.
House on the Rock

House on the Rock

The House on the Rock is a journey through one man's bizarre imagination, with the world's largest indoor carousel, the Infinity Room, a 200-foot whale and much more.
Bray Road, home of the Beast of Bray Road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Beast of Bray Road

Home of the Beast of Bray Road, this road in Elkhorn has a fearful reputation for anyone unlucky enough to have encountered the notorious Wisconsin werewolf here.
Amityville Horror house wisconsin

Amityville Horror House

The Amityville Horror house seen in the 2005 remake starring Ryan Reynolds was filmed in Wisconsin at this Victorian manor on the shore of Silver Lake.
Sputnik crash site in Manitowoc

Sputnik Crash Site

Visit the Sputnik crash site in Manitowoc, where a chunk of the Soviet satellite crashed into the street after breaking up in the atmosphere over Wisconsin in 1962.
Elmwood UFO sightings

Elmwood UFO Sightings Sign

The Elmwood UFO sign commemorates the location of several important UFO sightings that occurred in the 1970s.
Peter Kurten Head

Peter Kurten’s Head

The mummified head of deranged murderer Peter Kurten can be found at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! in Wisconsin Dells.
Ripley's Believe It or Not Wisconsin Dells

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Visit Ripley's Believe It or Not Wisconsin Dells to explore weird, wonderous and macabre artifacts from around the world.

Museum of Historic Torture Devices

Come face to face with history's most notorious methods of torture and execution at the Museum of Historic Torture Devices in Wisconsin Dells.
Haunted Mansion Wisconsin Dells

Haunted Mansion

Filled with ghosts, animatronic ghouls, and even zombie Elvis, the Haunted Mansion in Wisconsin Dells has been a staple of family fun and scares for years.

Ghost Outpost

Face your fears in the Ghost Outpost in Wisconsin Dells, a walk-thru haunted house with 17 chambers designed for fun and fright for the whole family.