Ratbatspider Song ‘Hogsback Road’ Featured in Goatman Slasher Flick

Milwaukee horror punk band Ratbatspider recently announced that their song Hogsback Road will be featured in the upcoming short horror film Goatman. The song refers to the twisted stretch of road outside of Hubertus near Holy Hill where, according to legend, a half-man, half-goat creature has been luring wayward travelers to their deaths since as early as the 1870s.

Goatman was written and directed by Logan Donald of the Georgia-based production company Shutterstinct. Like any good slasher, the film is about debaucherous teenagers in the woods who get hacked up by an axe-wielding maniac. It is set in the 90s and inspired by classic horror, but with a modern approach.

Watch the trailer here:

Catch Ratbatspider performing this October at Windigo Fest in Manitowoc!

For more on Goatman legends in Wisconsin and throughout the US, check out the book Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? by Wisconsin author and paranormal researcher J. Nathan Couch.

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