Crawl Space: Screamin’ Acres New 2015 Attraction

This week Screamin’ Acres announced an insane new attraction for 2015 that’s sure to cause cold sweats and heart palpitations: Crawl Space.

You’re not claustrophobic, are you?

Here’s what Crawl Space is about:

What lies below the countryside remains unknown to most…

In 2013, a vast network of tunnels and passageways were being built leading into one of the most secure private doomsday bunkers of all time. Hidden away from the world, it lies unused and forgotten. A cave­in during its construction trapped everyone who helped create the bunker, keeping them and the bunker’s secret below the earth’s surface. Alone in the caverns and tunnels, the faculty struggled to survive the dark and damp environment.

After food began running low and time was barely passing, a yellow gooey substance began to seep through the ceiling of the tunnels. The stench of the substance was unbearable, forcing the faculty into the deepest part of the tunnels. They soon began to experience severe aggression towards one another, and all became deathly pale. Rapidly forming into a band of deranged animals, they attacked one another. Some were able to flee into the tunnels, eventually succumbing to the brutal effects of the smelly yellow substance.

…After months of looking for the exact location of the bunker, local authorities received a strong lead from a neighboring meat processing facility as to where the entrance may be. The tunnel entrance was finally opened for the first time in years. Lead the rescue team as you adventure into the Crawl Space.

As if that’s not horrifying enough, Crawl Space only the latest addition to Screamin’ Acres’ brutal and intense haunt, which includes The Last Resort, Slaughterhouse and the mind-bending 3D experience known as Side Effects.

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